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January 8, 2015, 4:34 pm

As it is the new year we thought we'd concentrate on rounding up some badass bird related games to help you and your opportunities soar in 2015! We've gathered together a list of ten bird related games that will truly blow your mind! So, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the journey through the realms of bird games and all the wonders they have to offer.


#1 Flappy Bird

When starting a list it is best to start strong and Flappy Bird is a classic that truly surpassed all other bird games lately. This broke onto the gaming scene and really took off at outstanding speed! The game itself is quite basic but the gameplay is so much fun it is truly addictive and very hard to walk away from. You need to fly your flappy little bird through the obstacles and avoid hitting anything to make it to the end of each level.


#2 Angry Birds Space

No list of bird games would be complete without its fair share of Angry Birds, the gaming phenomenon that has swept the world of computer games. Angry Birds Space is all about taking those familiar birds up into space to shoot down the green pigs from the platforms. Score more points and amaze your friends by shooting down the pigs in the least shots possible. Take aim and fire!


#3 Steambirds

Although not strictly a bird game the name itself qualifies it for this list – that, and it is an awesome game! During wars, pilots are put to the test up in the skies during extensive dog fights with other airplanes and that is what we need you to do. Set to the skies in classic airplanes to do battle with other pilots in this turn taking strategic battle of wits. The more you win the more you'll soar through the ranks and become the best air commander known to man.


#4 Angry Birds of Artillery Adventure

Sometimes the same old format gets a little boring, which is why we've selected this little ripper for the list! It is another of the Angry Birds games but it has a great twist on the original game play. Instead of launching birds from catapults you must shoot them out and into a series of canons to collect the gems, avoid obstacles and eventually destroy the green piggies! So, load your cannon and slowly take aim to blast those birds as far as you can!


#5 Damn Birds 2

One thing that always bothers me in when I go to the park is the pigeons! They fly around everywhere pooping on everything, especially the poor statues that stand around all day. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to become one of the faithful statues and take up arms to shoot down all the pigeons before they poop on you or any of the people in the park. The more you shoot, the more money you earn and the better guns you can buy to shoot even more pigeons!


#6 Angry Birds Ice Cream

The classic Angry Birds are back and this time they're hungry for ice cream! Who knew that birds are into ice cream in a big way! The aim of this classic game is to load up each of the birds into a slingshot, take aim and them shoot them out across the screen to collect all the ice cream you can – and you had better get a lot of ice cream because boy are these guys hungry!


#7 Angry Birds Bomb

Those pesky birds are back but this time they are more explosive than ever before! They truly are the bomb! The name of the game, as always, is to destroy those annoying green piggies. You need to strategically place the explosive birds around the platforms that the pigs are on and then detonate the bombs to blow up the pigs!


#8 Bird Egg Defenders 2

If there’s one thing birds are protective over it would have to be their precious eggs! In this awesome take on the classic Angry Birds games you must help the birds by taking up arms and protecting their eggs from the attacking green pigs! Become one of the classic Angry Birds and protect your eggs by shooting the crap out of all the evil egg eating piggies! The more you shoot, the more money you earn and the more guns you can buy to shoot more pigs!


#9 Damn Birds

In the first of this awesome series of games you must protect yourself and the people in the park from the damn birds that are pooping all over the place! As a statue you must take your guns and start blasting all of those pesky birds right out of the sky. Your aim is to stop them pooping on you at all costs, so shoot as many as you can to get more money and upgrade to new weapons and blast even more of them!


#10 Fish Truck

Birds love fish, they really do, and so if you've got to move some fish through town you got to expect birds to try to fly in and steal the fish right from the truck! Your job is to get in your fish truck and drive it through town, but you've also got a huge cannon mounted to the back of your trailer to help protect yourself from the birds that will swoop in to try and eat your fish! When you progress you'll be able to upgrade the cannon to shoot down more birds and protect your fish better!


That’s it for our roundup of birdy games today – we hope you've enjoyed yourself as much as we have! It’s been a pleasure writing for you guys and we'd love to hear what you have to say so please leave us some comments below if you've got something to add. Take care and have a great 2015!


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