10 Horrible Highway Games

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January 11, 2015, 2:32 am

Nothing beats the cool wind in your hair, open roads, big engines and dastardly criminals to take down! Today we’re rounding up 10 of the best highway games known to mankind! Grab yourselves a cup of coco and get ready, because we are about to take you on a wild journey along the dangerous highways of the world in pursuit of fame, money and criminals!


#1 Highway Pursuit 2

Often the best ways to ditch police is to jump the border into another country, especially Mexico! After being pursued by police in America you must jump the border to Mexico and make a run for it through the Mexican deserts killing all the cops that put up chase. Help your hombres by shooting all the police vehicles that chase them down the desert highways, leaving no one alive! During each level you can use your hard fought cash to buy new weapons and awesome upgrades!


#2 Highway Pursuit

In the first of the Highway Pursuit games you must rob the Ginko Bank and then help you and your villains get away from the chasing cops! You goal is to blast all the police vehicles to pieces and help you and your band of cool bad guys make it all the way to the Mexican border and escape to freedom! As always, get more money to make upgrades and buy badass weapons.


#3 Undead Highway

There’s nothing worse than travelling across the country during a zombie invasion! There are always just so many undead roaming around looking for brains to eat, everything becomes so difficult! Your job is to blast your way through hordes of zombies to find the car keys and then rant the motor as far as it will go. Your eventual goal is to make it to the safe haven of the human colony at the end of the highway.


#4 Highway Of The Dead

More zombies, zombies everywhere! The world is infested with zombies but you mustn’t let that bother you or your friends as you race along the highways in different countries around the globe. Buy your car and upgrade it to make it the best on the road and then take it out onto the zombie infested highways of the world to win races and kill zombies!  Just try to avoid the nasty obstacles along the way, but do try and kill as many zombies as possible.


#5 Highway Outlaws

When transporting prisoners across the country, you need to keep a close eye out for his friends trying to break him out of jail, especially if it’s a high security mobster. You must help your buddies transport a high risk prisoner across the country to transfer him to another prison, but be warned, his mobster friends will definitely attack your convoy and try to free the prisoner. The more mobsters you kill, the more money you can earn to buy weapons, upgrades and backup.


#6 Highway Madness

The highways are absolute madness out there and you must use them to race on... and win! Start by selecting the car that best suits your driving style and then take it to the roads to test it to the limits, racing against other awesome cars and avoid all the many hazards and other vehicles on the road. There are plenty of bonuses on the road to help you too, from nitro to repairs so keep your eyes out and try to collect them all!


#7 Highway Racer

Nothing beats a good race around a highway, the cool wind in the air, the screech of the tires, the competition and most of all the awesome speed of the cars! Hop in your car, take it to the racing highway and pit yourself against the other racers to beat them all and win the championship fair and square! There are many highway tracks to choose from and you must be victorious on all of them to become the overall champion of the world!


#8 Highway Escape

Getting away from the police in a car is always tough, especially on a highway, as they can follow your every move! Your goal is to drive your car as fast as possible and get away from the cops quickly, before they catch you and throw you in jail! Speed down the American highway faster than the police and break away to avoid jail. Be mindful of the extra bonuses along the way to help you go further and get more points!


#9 Highway Justice

Highway police are tough customers with awesome cars and badass attitudes. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to jump into a police car and head out on the highway to hunt down and take out criminal car gangs, one car at a time. Speed down busy highways avoiding civilians while crashing into the bad guys to take them out before they hurt more innocents. Drive true and take out those criminals!


#10 Highway Takedown

More highway police, but this time your car is more beat up after being in hot pursuit for too long! Zoom down the busted up highways with a missing back wheel and smash into the speeding villains to take them off the road and end their carnage. The object is to click your mouse to stabilise and essentially steer the car along the roads, avoiding mines and oil slicks to hit the criminals and send them down!  


That’s all we have time for today folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed traversing the highways of the world catching criminals and escaping with loot! As always, don’t hesitate to leave us some comments below as we sure do love to hear from you all. Until the next time...


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