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July 1, 2014, 3:52 am

When it comes to genres of games, shooting really gets the crowds going, especially in the HAG office. This week we are rounding up the 10 best shooting games available to humankind. From cowboys to snipers, even Justin Bieber, we have got it all! So put your feet up, grab a drink and read through to see the best shooting games on the face of the planet! Take cover, lock and load!


#1 GunBlood

Test your reflexes in this quick-draw cowboy shootout! Blast your way through each round by shooting the opponent dead before they kill you! The gameplay is relatively simple but extremely addictive and great fun. So, what are you waiting for, punk, make my day...


#2 Ricochet Kills 3

This is an all-time classic game and the third attempt is every bit as good as the previous 2! The game is designed well and a beauty to play, just so addictive! The aim (did you see what I did there?) is to ricochet bullets off walls and obstacles to kill all of the men on the screen. Great fun and hard to put down, so pick up your gun and bounce bullets to victory!


#3 Sierra 7

Ever wanted to be in a special ops team? Well, now’s your chance! In Sierra 7, once you've completed training, you'll need to lead your special ops team on missions in 7 different countries, taking out terrorists and drug dealers in urban environments. A great game, with slick controls and a true following in the gaming community. Good luck!


#4 Heli Attack 3

If you are looking for an action-packed shooting game, then look no further! Heli Attack 3 is a very neat but difficult game, where you need to defend your ground from attacking enemies in the sky! Move around, dodge bullets and blast them out of the sky for victory!


#5 Storm Ops

Pick off attackers with pinpoint accuracy using a variety of outstanding weapons! Shoot the troops trying to destroy your base, before they spot you! You can buy and trade guns until you have the perfect arsenal for the job. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shooting!


#6 The Gun Game

Like shooting but not the gore? Well, then is probably the game for you! Proving that not all shooting games need to be gory, this great little number is just as much fun! The goal is to keep within the firing area and blast the oncoming targets to pieces before they reach you. Take aim, and good luck!


#7 Intrusion

Ready yourself for battle, as this game is no joke! Your escape pod crash lands into hostile territory and your job is to blast through all enemies, soldiers and robots,  you meet until they are all dead or destroyed! Right from the start this game is full-blown shooting fun so we know you'll enjoy it.


#8 Thing Thing Arena

Non-stop arena shooting is the aim of this game! Choose your character and enemies and then do full-blown battle in the arenas! You'll need to move quickly, shooting and collecting other weapons and health to survive. Look lively and start blasting!


#9 Thing Thing 4

In the fourth part in this series, you need to help your character escape the grips of Systems Corp by blasting through all and any enemies that oppose you. At your disposal is an outstanding array of weapons, so strap in and prepare yourself for, what might just well be, the most extreme game of your life!


#10 Call of Bieber

Now, in all honesty, I am not a fan of the Bieb’ but this game has a unique game play that actually makes it a real winner. Your objective is to guide Bieber to blasting wave after wave of policemen and SWAT team members. You can move from left to right and hide behind objects to help in pursuit of the law! And , just think, the worst that can happen if you lose is that Justin gets filled with lead!


That’s it for the shooting games roundup. As always, thanks for reading through and please leave us some comments below, as we love to get feedback from you guys.


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