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January 27, 2015, 3:51 pm

As we have started 2015 in earnest, we thought it'd be a good idea to focus on futuristic games and what better than looking at ROBOTS! We've rounded up 10 of the best robot games known to the internet and all the surf its amazing digital waves! So, kick back, relax and get ready for a journey through the world of robots!


#1 Give Up, Robot

Nothing beats a rockin' robot, tuned to the rhythm and set to dance mode! In this wild little game you must help your groovy little robot negotiate through the ever difficult levels by manoeuvring around the obstacles and using his grapple to hoist him away from danger and over the exit line. Be careful though, as some levels hide unseen dangers!


#2 Legend of the Golden Robot

When a great wizard comes to your lands and spreads untold misery and evil, you must go on a hunt to find the legend of the Golden Robot, a robot that was so powerful it had to be split up and buried in different pieces to stop any one man wielding its power! Take your plucky character on a quest to find the Golden Robot and rid your lands of the evil wizard.


#3 Give Up Robot 2

The plucky robot is back and once again it needs your help to get through the increasingly difficult levels by figuring out the puzzles and solving them by using your wits and skill to get through to cross the exit line in each of the cool levels. Some levels take some thinking so take your time and figure out all the angles right off the bat!


#4 Mini Robot Wars

In the future there are special fighting competitions only for robots. You have your badass fighting robot but need to train it up and prepare it to fight in next year’s Robot Wars competition. You must take your robot to the ring and train it to be the best and kill all other robots before they destroy it!


#5 Robots vs Zombies 2

Fight zombies is lot easier when you have robots to do your bidding! Set up your robot defences wisely and upgrade them as needed before the waves of nasty zombies start attacking in a wild effort to destroy all your robots and make it through the defending walls to freedom!  


#6 Robot vs Zombies

The zombie killing robot machines are here and they mean business! Use the awesome robot to shoot bullets at the zombies to wipe the pesky brain munchers off the face of the earth! Be mindful of the surroundings though, as you need to bounce bullets off of surfaces and objects to kill all the zombies.


#7 Robotic Emergence 2

In the future when humans get lazy they create robots to do their household work, but in their production the world is polluted and governments use this as a means to control the population and kill the people! Conquer the different areas of the world by building robot factories and deploying mechanical troops onto the field of battle to destroy your enemies and save mankind!


#8 Robot Wants Ice Cream

After travelling through space for some time Robot and Dog decode it’s a good idea to shoot Cat into space and then blast off to the Ice Cream planet. However, once they reach the planet not all is as it should be and there are hordes of evil robot hell-bent on killing them both! Help Dog and Robot fight their way through the evil robots to find their elusive stash of mega awesome ice cream.


#9 Robot Legions

When robots attack robots then there are problems - serious problems! As a lone robot warrior you must defend your ground from the evil robot bugs that are savagely attacking you and your way of life. Stand your ground and blast each and every one of your attackers to smithereens, before they destroy you!


#10 Robot Unicorn Attack

Robots are cool, but robot unicorns are a step into the realms of uber coolness! Help your awesome robot unicorn to fly through the strange lands from platform to platform, avoiding all the hazards and collecting as many of the bonuses as possible along the way! Keep your eye on the horizon as things move quickly in the world of the robot unicorn!


That’s all we have for you guys today! We hope you've enjoyed the awesome futuristic robot game roundup as much as we have writing it! Do leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add!


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