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January 30, 2015, 3:31 pm

Getting 2015 and of a grand start, we thought it would be great to throw some puzzles into the mix and get everyone’s brains working over time! Get ready for a journey through the wonderful world of gaming puzzles and all the perplexing situations they bring with them!


#1 Wizards: Puzzle War

If there’s one thing wizards are good at it would have to be solving puzzles! Do battle with other wizards by connecting the identical pictures in a row. Select the most pictures in each row as possible to gain the advantage and win the wizard battle! Be careful and use your cunning though, as your opponents are crafty and fast too!


#2 Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2

Rail yards and playing with trains is always good fun, especially when you get to control all of the big trains yourself!  Move the trains strategically around the tracks, picking up carriages, dropping them off and changing switches to solve each of the increasingly difficult puzzles. There is some good training at the start that you would be wise to pay attention to first!


#3 Marine Puzzle

Life on the open seas cruising the oceans was surely the life for me, but probably as a pirate! Argh! In this game you must fight your way through different battles and be sure of victory or you’ll certainly be sent to Davy Jones’ Locker! Win each of the puzzles by connecting the matching symbols. The more you can connect the quicker you'll win, just remember to sink the opposing crews you must shoot cannon balls!


#4 Rome Puzzle

Ancient Rome was known for many things, but perhaps its most famous aspect was that it conquered most of the known world, spreading civilization far and wide! You goal is to help further the cause of Rome, solving the increasingly difficult puzzles by matching the symbols to collect more and more points. The faster you go and more symbols you match the better you'll do for the Empire!


#5 Puzzle Freak

Gathering the world’s great minds is difficult and usually only with the promise of an awesome puzzle showdown will they converge! Choose the number of players and select your character then head to the board to play the turn based game similar to monopoly, only with puzzles! Work around the board quickly, solving the many puzzles to beat the others and become the puzzle champion of the world!


#6 Railroad Shunting Puzzle

Working on the old railroads was an amazing job, filled with excitement and danger! Travel the world of railroads, shunting carriages switching points and delivering the loads to the correct destinations! Each level gets progressively harder so use your wits to negotiate the tracks and solve the puzzles in the shortest time possible!


#7 Choochoo Puzzle

Manoeuvring things around the board to allow others to get through and out to the exit is tough, especially when there is almost not enough room to do it! Your task is to move the different colours around the board to allow the red shapes to move to the final exit area and escape the puzzle madness. The faster you can do it the more points you get and the higher up in the world puzzle ranking you go!


#8 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Puzzle

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is back and this time he means business, solving all the world’s puzzles without even straining a muscle! Get involved by jumping right in to solve all of the Ben 10 puzzles before the time runs out. The goal is to match all the symbols as quickly as you possibly to can. The faster you match them, the more points you can get! The fate of the known world is resting on your shoulders, don't let everyone down!


#9 Spongebob Jelly Puzzle 3

Everyone’s favourite sponge is back and this time he needs your help! Him and his friend Patrick have turned to jelly (literally!) and they are falling all over the place. They need you to eliminate the blocks so that they can fall safely onto the soft green platforms below. Be careful though, as there are numerous hazards that will kill them so try to let them down as gently as you can!


#10 Puzzle Prince

In times of old there were many princes, but none quite like his awesomeness, the Puzzle Prince! He travelled the lands protecting people from the hordes of evil enemies hell bent on wreaking as much havoc as possible! Help the amazing prince by quickly solving the puzzles to defeat the waves of attacking baddies before they overrun the prince and his lands. The fate of the kingdom rests solely on you!


That’s it for the puzzle games roundup today! It’s been a blast writing for you guys, as usual. If you have any questions, pointers, suggestions or even more games for us to review don’t hesitate to leave some comments below. Take care and until the next time...


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