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February 1, 2015, 5:00 pm

Nothing beats a good prison breakout, shooting, driving or just plain fighting game! With this in mind, we've rounded up 10 of the best prison games available on HAG for your gaming pleasure. Get that jumpsuit on and get ready as we are going on an expedition through the wonderful and murky domain of the world’s correction facilities.


#1 Hobo Prison Brawl

That crazy hobo is back at it, but this time he’s stuck in prison! Help the disgusting hobo creep fight his way through the prison system, battering prisoners and guards to death, before they kill him! Once let out of your nasty cell head straight out into main population and beat the living crap out of everyone who comes at you, or even people are just sitting there innocently!


#2 Prison Bus Driver

Driving a prison bus is dangerous work, especially if there are bandits trying to free the prisoners! Hop in your badass prison bus, speed through the town to the prison, pick up the convicts and then blast your way back through town without getting too destroyed by the bandits throwing bombs and shooting guns at you. The faster you go, the more points you get, so put your foot down and burn that rubber!


#3 Prison Breakout

Everyone loves a good prison breakout! All the excitement and skill involved is sure to test your mettle and keep you on your toes. Test your cunning and stealth by sleuthing around the prison to solve the puzzles and break out of that hell hole! You need to keep on your toes and watch for guard movements and where the cameras are so you can avoid being spotted and escape scot-free!


#4 Prison Shootout

Prison breakouts are even better from the other side of the fence, when you're a guard tasked with shooting down all the escaping convicts! Become a badass prison guard, armed with some awesome weapons and blast the living hell out of all the convicts trying to break out of your jail! One or two can escape but you better try as best you can to stop too many getting out or you'll be in for hell with the warden!


#5 Prison Break Zombie

What’s worse than being stuck in a crowded jail with hundreds of nasty convicts? Being stuck with zombies! Your job is to be a prison guard and take up arms to simply mow down each and every single brain munching prisoner zombie that comes into your sights. Keep your aim true because if even just one gets to you the whole game is up and the prison will fall to the menace of the evil brain munching zombies!


#6 Prison Bustout

Being stuck in prison is no fun whatsoever, and if you ever are, the only course of action is to bust out as soon as you possibly can! It’s what people expect anyway so might as well try! Hide in the shadows to observe the prison guards patterns and then pounce when their backs are turned to knock them out and progress further to the exit and eventually freedom! Stay low and avoid the lights and you’ll do well blood.


#7 Death Row Diner

Working with prisoners is a nasty job, but someone has to do it. As the filthy and tough old dinner lady, you must help the prisoners to their seats, feed them and then get them out of there before any fights break out. A few fights are inevitable but if more than 3 groups of prisoners die then you'll lose your job and the old lady will have to go home penniless and hungry. Don't let that happen!


#8 Prison Sniper

Russian prisons are renowned for being terrible places to survive, so going on missions in one to take out high priority targets is a tough job. Select your missions wisely and go out into the streets to execute them. Take up strategic sniper positions, wait for your targets and eliminate them before they manage to escape! Remember, this is Russia and failure is not an option, so it’s do or die! Select the correct target and aim straight.


#9 Prison Planet

Guarding prisons is hard work, very hard work! In these awesome tower defence game you must strategically place your prison guards along the route the prisoners plan to use when escaping the facility. Your job is to stop them in their tracks by any means necessary, so blast the living hell out of them all and make sure they don't escape!  If they do, it’s all on your head.

#10 Prison Break Out

Another classic prison breakout game, this time a little more puzzling! Help your plucky prisoner escape the dark and dank jail by utilising all around him to help solve the puzzles and work through the facility and eventually to freedom! Take things slowly and think about every move, the fate of your awesome convict dude totally depends on you and how you negotiate through the different, ever difficult puzzles. Good luck!


That’s all we have for the totally awesome prison games roundup! It’s been a blast researching and writing as always. If you've got anything to add, simply leave us some comments below as we love to hear from you guys.


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