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February 6, 2015, 1:33 am

We're not sure about you guys but for us 2015 has been WILD so far! So, in honour of this, we've rounded up 10 of the best wild, jungle related games known to humankind! Sit back and relax as we take you on a wild adventure through the jungles of the world, where you have to do battle to survive and only the best will win!


#1 City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

Living and surviving in the jungle is always a tough life, but someone’s got to do it! Help your badass little army to fight its way through enemy camps that are dotted through the dense jungle. Enlist and deploy your troops wisely and then control each individual soldier helping him blast all opposing troops to death before they try to take out your army! Arm up and fight wisely, all the way to victory!


#2 City Siege 3: Jungle Siege FUBAR Pack

Getting your fight on is always good, especially when deep in the impenetrable jungle! Start by enlisting your troops from the elite regiments of the toughest army on the planet, then deploy your guys into the field of battle. Control each and every one of your troops to guide them through the jungle killing all enemies you find along the way and claiming the turf for yourself and your army!


#3 Hobo 4: Total War

During wars things get wild and nasty and that’s where the truly nasty and depraved hobo steps in to cover everyone in body fluids and general nastiness. Help the filthy hobo burp, poop and pee his nasty way through the outskirts of the world’s biggest concrete jungle! The more you have him fight the nastier his skills get and the better he can fight off the attacking army!


#4 Foyle 2: The Jungle

Being in a futuristic robot suit doesn't mean the jungle won’t come alive and attack you! After discovering a lost civilization hidden deep in the jungle your character inadvertently activates the defence systems which releases untold monsters out to kill him! Your job to search around for weapons, arm up and kill each and all of the evil jungle monsters before the kill you! During the lulls in fighting you must go out and forage for weapons and ammo so be quick and you’ll have a better chance.


#5 Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle Rumble

Danny Phantom is back and so are his badass rivals! Do battle in one-on-one fights around the world to knock opponents out and off the platforms. Danny is one of the best, so control him well and you’ll progress through the ranks like a pro, dispensing of enemies swiftly and easily. Be sure to take your time to learn his skills and then you'll be able to work your way to victory over any and all adversaries.


#6 Gunmaster Jungle Madness

Being a commando in the jungle is hard work, very hard work indeed – especially if there is a well-armed army hell-bent on killing you! Jump into the action and defend yourself against the waves of attacking army forces. You need to blast each and all of the soldiers to pieces before they kill you! Move around the level killing everyone and collecting the contents of the airdropped crates to help gather weapons and ammo. Keep an eye to the sky because there are airplanes strategically bombing you too!


#7 Adventure Time Jungle

Stuck in the jungle with his trusty backpack, rabbit ears and bug repellent, you must help the plucky little character through an adventure deep into the undergrowth of a fantastic jungle. Work through the jungle killing all the nasty attackers before they sneak up on you to launch their horrible attacks. Jump around the different platforms to attack or strategically hide from the evil jungle monsters.


#8 Jungle War Driving

If you absolutely have to travel through the jungle I’d recommend getting a badass jeep and driving right through everything! Hop in an amazing jeep with a big jungle crusher attached to the front to smash and roll your way over as many obstacles as you can. The more you destroy along the way the more points you’ll get! Watch out along the way for the guys trying to shoot rocket launchers at your vehicle in an attempt to blast you out of the jungle!


#9 Clone Commando - The Jungle Missions

When on a mission to defuse an dastardly nuclear bomb, the enemy craftily managed to clone you! Now you have to go out into the jungle to wipe out all your clones before they take over the entire jungle and eventually the world! Pick up your gun to take aim and destroy all of your clones when they pop up and into your sights! Clear each of the jungle areas of the nasty clones before moving on to wipe them all from the face of the earth!


#10 Jungle Assassin

There are many monsters and creepy crawlies in the jungle, but there are also people living and surviving day-to-day! Sometimes these people are a little unfriendly and often they will attack you with spears or big knives! Jump and swing your way through the jungle launching surprise attacks on the unsuspecting Indians that inhabit it! If you don’t kill them first they will surely find you and kill you!


That’s a wrap for the Juicy Jungle Games roundup! It’s been a blast organising another roundup of amazing games, and stay tuned for another astounding top ten list coming soon. As always, leave us some comments if you have anything to add. We love to hear from you guys!


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