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February 9, 2015, 1:16 pm

Things are heating up in the HAG office and so we decided to get crazy and round up the 10 best crazy killer games available on the internet. Prepare yourself as this could get crazy to the likes rarely seen in a HAG games roundup! Sit back and ready yourself to venture through the minds of the world’s craziest killers!


#1 Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer

When 2 awesome arcade game heroes team up it’s bound to be a killer game! Things are a bit crazy right now in Mario’s world, as Bowser and his minions have all been infected with the zombie virus and are hell-bent on killing everything and eating brains! Mario is stuck in position and has to kill all of the attacking brain munching enemies, but fear not, he has help as Sonic is pitching in to help out! Help the pair to mow down all of the evil zombies before they break through and kill you!


#2 I Am Ultra Killer of Zombies

If you're going to crash land, it’s best to choose somewhere that isn't infested with... zombies! After your plane lands in a strange and eerie no man’s land you get a strange feeling that something is amiss and soon your fears are realised when waves of zombies begin to attack you! Get into your barricade, take up arms and start blasting all the zombies to pieces, before they make it you and kill you!


#3 WWII Killer

Battling the nasty Nazi forces in the Second World War was really hard work, especially if you were on the ground shooting your way through waves of them! Pick up your weapon and head into the battle by shooting all the enemy soldiers that pop up into your sights! You had better be quick because they are dead-set on killing you before you can kill them. Arm up and get into the fight!


#4 Homer the Flanders Killer 4

If there’s one person homer Simpson hates, it has to be Ned Flanders! He’s just so smarmy and god-loving he is just made to be hated! Help our angry Homer shoot and kill each and every single one of the Flanders’ family, just... just because! As Homer you must grab his trusty shotgun and simply blast all of the annoying Flanders to death! Be warned the more levels you complete the faster the characters move and the harder they are to kill!


#5 Combo Killer

In search of the epic 200 combo kill is tough and few in the world have actually achieved to kill this many competitors! Once ready you'll be thrust into the crazy killing arena and forced to blast your way as many opponents as you possibly can, trying to reach the awesome number of 200 combo kills! Shooting people earns you more credits and the more credits you get the better guns and bombs you can buy to kill more and reach the awesome number of 200!


#6 Killer Whale

Being kept in captivity must be a horrible way to live, especially for a huge animal like a... killer whale! After being kept in captivity his whole life your killer whale has had enough and decided to kill and smash his way to freedom! Help the big guy jump barriers, smash through walls and eat any animal that gets in his way. He’s on a true rampage and will fight his way to freedom or die trying, so help him get out of there at all costs!


#7 Silent Killer 2 Special Forces

Special Forces have amazing training routine and tools, all designed to train them into efficient, silent and amazing killers. Work your way through the Special Forces training by strategically solving the puzzles and shooting the soldiers. You must remember to use your wits and the environment to bounce bullets around using all means necessary to eventually shoot the soldiers. The least amount of bullets used scores the most points so remember to conserve ammo and shoot wisely and accurately.


#8 Zombie Killer

If killing zombies is your aim then you've come to the right game! After being thrown into a land full of zombies you must man up and kill all of them before they break through your barricade and eat your brain! Load up your weapons and head out into the field to wipe out all of the attacking zombies quickly. They are fast moving so you'll need to keep on your toes to kill them all. Move quickly to stop them destroying your barricade and breaking through.


#9 Homer the Flanders Killer 5

Homer is back and still has not love for the Flanders! Take Homer’s trusty shotgun and head out to hunt yourself some annoying Flanders. You have to kill every member of the Flanders family in each level to progress all the way back to Springfield. Homer won’t let up until they are all dead, so aim carefully and blast their heads clean off and you’ll do well. There are also some awesome bonus levels to boost up your points to reach epic scores!


#10 Bunny Killer 3000

If there’s one thing that you should always be weary of it has to be being attacked by hordes of evil... BUNNIES! When bunnies turn bad it is truly a sight to behold, as they take up swords and can wipe out entire civilizations before your eyes! In this awesome game evil bunnies have taken over your city and you must cut, slash and kill your way through hordes of them to reclaim the city streets. Fight well and you will survive.


That’s it for our crazy killer roundup today. It’s been... crazy! As always a blast writing for you guys and do let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or even just something to ad by leaving us some comments below. We love to hear from you guys!


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