The Awesome Onslaught Roundup

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February 15, 2015, 3:06 am

It’s time for an onslaught of awesomely badass gaming, all courtesy of the hard working and generally amazing HAG team! We've taken the time to round up 10 awesome onslaught games, where the key is to onslaught the enemy and wipe them off the face of the earth!


#1 Gun Master Onslaught 3

Preparing for an absolute onslaught of man and firepower is hard to do, you just need to muscle down, take aim and start blasting everything you see! Pit yourself against every man and machine you can find and blast the living crap out of them before they kill you! Think wisely and use the environment to your advantage to help further your cause and kill more enemies!


#2 Barbarian Onslaught: the Secret Of Steel

Back in the days of old when men fought with steel and life was simpler, the most feared fighters of all were the legendary barbarians! They were huge and wielded swords quickly and effectively. You must fight as the last mighty barbarian and hack and slash your way through legions of enemy warriors, all the way to a victorious and glorious end! Along the way you must master the art of using the tool around you to fight more effectively.


#3 GunMaster Onslaught 2

Being thrust into an arena of mad and crazy bullets and bombs is usually a really hard task, but it’s always made worse if you have no friends at all to help! Be the lone defender in an onslaught of bullet, bombs and machines! You must take up arms and destroy everything and everyone that comes into your sights! If you use your skills you can move around the levels and select good spots to fire from for better accuracy and


#4 Orbital Onslaught

Working as a galactic bounty hunter is a really tough job, but at least your reign is coming to an end soon. You last job finds you on Prometheus, as lonely and inhospitable planet. Your job is to head out into the wilds looking for your bounties and when you find them you must deploy your crack team of mercenaries skilfully to outwit and destroy the evil characters you’re hunting.


#5 Gunmaster Onslaught

In the first of this epic trilogy, the aim is simple: KILL EVERYTHING! Take up arms, take aim and get ready to defend your life by blasting everything that attacks you into smithereens! Choose your positions strategically and shoot your way through waves and waves of evil bad guys hell-bent on killing you!


#6 Onslaught 2

There are strange goings on at Area 51 and they need your help to keep the bad guys out! Defend the Area 51 base is your aim and to do so you need to place your defences strategically along the route of the attacking enemies to stop them in their tracks and kill them all! The more money you earn the more defences you can buy and the faster you can vanquish your foes!


#7 Earth Onslaught

Earth, our home planet, it’s where we live, work and prosper and it must be protected at all costs! There is an alien onslaught and they are trying to invade our amazing little planet so we must fight them off and kill every last one of the nasty suckers! Build your armies and send them out onto the battlefield strategically to wipe out your evil attackers before they take over the whole planet. The fate of humankind is in your hands.


#8 Onslaught

In days of old when castles and lands were ruled by kings with an iron fist, the archer was a key component of any army and one that could win or lose a war. As an ace archer you must defend your castle by taking up your bow and shooting every single evil goblin attacker hell-bent on breaking your castle defences and killing your people. Aim true and wipe out your enemies before they wipe out your people!


#9 Rotting Onslaught

In a remote area there have been reports and sightings of... zombies! You need to assemble a team and head out over to investigate and eliminate any and all threats. Make it through your patrols by commanding your troops to move around the battlefield and destroy the zombie resistance. If you manage to survive until the end you'll be airlifted out so hang in there and keep fighting!


#10 Insect Onslaught

If you are scared of insects then this could well be the game for you! Creepy crawlies abound in this destructive but satisfying little game. Head out into the garden with your tiny little warrior and start blasting the bugs to pieces! Make money to upgrade your weaponry and destroy the insects faster! The world of garden bugs will not know what has hit them!


That’s all we have time for today! Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this as usual, and if you have anything you'd like to add don't hesitate to leave us some comments below. Until the next time...


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