The Badass Bullet Game Roundup

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February 19, 2015, 3:50 pm

Nothing beats a good shooting game, and so we thought we'd round up the 10 best bullet games available on HAG. Prepare yourself for all things bullets and get ready for some awesome gun action! We've got an amazing roundup of games for you today and they are all action.


#1 Bullet Heaven

If shooting bullets is what you enjoy then boy do we have an awesome game for you! Start by selecting your character - checking the stats for all options and choosing the right fighter for your style. Then, take your amazing character out into the game to blast your way through the hordes of attacking enemies. As soon as you start you're thrust into a violent world, running along dangerous roads, hell-bent on killing all the bad guys before they kill you!


#2 The Bullet 2

Being a sniper is no easy job, there’s a whole lot of training you must go through before being ready to go out into the field. In this awesome little game you must start with your rookie shooter and train him up to be the absolute best. When you're finally ready then is the chance to take him out on a job to see what he’s made of! Train up your sniper and take him out on jobs to protect yourself and your nation from the threat of terrorism!


#3 Bullet Bill 3

Bullet Bill is back in this beautifully simple but addictively awesome game! Bullet Bill is a big black bullet that just can't help flying through the air at incredible speeds smashing, crushing and destroying everything he hits! Guide Bullet Bill through the ever difficult levels, avoiding the big objects and hitting the destructible ones. Crush the bricks and hit the bad guys, but do not hit the bigger items that Bill can’t destroy!


#4 Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill is back and this time he means serious trajectory business! After the gun is fired, out comes Bullet Bill hurtling through the air like a crazy bolt of lightning smashing, crashing and destroying everything he comes near! After being shot out of his gun you must help Bullet Bill by showing him the way through the increasingly difficult levels. The more bricks and enemies you can hit along the way, the more points you'll earn and the more upgrades you can buy!


#5 The Last Bullet 3

A sniper is a highly trained individual that is well disciplined, patient and accurate... do you think you fit that bill? If so, join us on epic missions to wipe out the bad forces of this world! First, start by selecting your weapons then take yourself out into the field to do battle with the evil forces around the world. Stand your ground and sharp shoot each and every bad guys that comes into your sights! Think fast and shoot faster in this amazing shooter game!


#6 Let The Bullets Fly 4

When in doubt and the chips are down, there’s only one real option... let the bullets fly! Back in the days of cowboys on horseback and wild casinos, things were a little dangerous and too often bullets flew around killing people. Be the sheriff in a wild town and shoot down all the baddies in the least bullets possible. Shoot your bullets around the levels, ricocheting off walls and objects to kill all the people in the least possible bullets. Thinking about a shot pays off so give it some thought and use the environment to help!


#7 The Bullet

The penultimate bullet game is here and it is remarkable! Sharp shoot your way to victory by working through each of the levels, destroying the targets and gaining a reputation for yourself! Once you are feeling confident you can take on the final challenge for each level: challenge the ultimate agent to a one on one battle. The agent is very well hidden and even harder to shoot, so case the area quickly, get a sight on him and blast him out of this world before he kills you!


#8 Bullet Bender

The only problem when taking a long shot is that once you've released the bullet you have no control over where it goes... until now! Take aim, shoot your bullet and then guide the awesome projectile through the air, collecting points and bonuses along the way! Be careful not to hit too many objects while collecting bonuses and money because they will slow down you bullet, reduce its speed and eventually stop your guy from flying! Make the bullet fly further than any bullet has ever gone before!


#9 Let The Bullets Fly

A good fighter uses all around them to win battles, no matter what it might be. In this epic little game you must shoot down all your opponents in the least bullets possible, just bear in mind that you must use the environment to your advantage to do so. Shoot down the bad guys using all the things around the levels to help you do it using just a handful of bullets at most. There are barrels, wheels, boxes and even dynamite to shoot at so be creative.


#10 Bullet Survival

Survival is the name of the game and it’s a lot easier when you have a lot of... BULLETS! Get ready, arm yourself and head out into the streets to wipe out the plague of gangs that patrol your town looking for loot and respect. Defend your ground by shooting each of the gangsters that pop up trying to kill you. Don't let even one slip by as they'll soon be all over you and you'll be dead! Stand your ground and fight well.


That’s it for our amazing bullet game roundup! We hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as we have playing the games! If you've got anything to add just leave us some comments below, as we surely do love to hear from you guys! Take care, we'll be back for another amazing roundup next time.


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