The Real Race Game Roundup

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February 22, 2015, 12:34 pm

You can't beat a classic race game. The thrills, the speed and the downright awesomeness of racing is unbeatable! Get ready to get your race on and whoop any competitors into submission! This is the racing game roundup to end all other roundups!


#1 Potty Racers 3

If you have to fly sometimes a toilet is the best way to move! Starting by means of just a basic potty with toilet paper hanging out of the back, you must take your maiden voyage, but after earning enough money you'll be able to upgrade your flying toilet into something much more amazing and eventually turn it into an amazing aircraft capable of reaching cruising altitude!


#2 Potty Racers

Every Englishman’s toilet is his throne, but how about turning that ‘throne’ into something more upwardly mobile! Start by selecting your favourite course and then hop into your portable toilet and take it down the steep hill to launch it off the ramp as far as you can! The more points you earn the better upgrades you can buy and the farther you can go!


#3 Renegade Racing

If racing badass cars is your aim, then this is definitely your game! Work your way up through the racing world but racing each of the awesome vehicles to victory, but just remember points are awarded for tricks as well as positions so try to pull of some amazing stunts along the way! The different cars are all amazing so try and drive as many as possible!


#4 Potty Racers 2

As the old saying goes when pigs fly, but how about a flying potty! Upgrades abound, so when you get in your potty for your maiden voyage just think about what upgrades you’d like to make to make your potty the best in the world! Upgrade your flying toilet to make it go faster and further than anything has ever flown before!


#5 Drag Racer V3

Real racers get ready because the drag racing is about to start! The best drag racers don't just have one car they have a fleet! Build your own fleet of drag cars and customise each one to perfection, before taking it out onto the race track to test your mettle. Start quickly and work through the gears like a pro to take the lead and destroy your competition!


#6 Potty Racers 4

Those crazy potty racing dudes are back and this time they mean messy business! One day while peacefully working in your barn you are summoned to the call of potty racing! Get your flying toilet and send it off awesome ramps at different locations around the world to make it go as far as you possibly can, collecting money and bonuses along the way. The more money you make the better the upgrades you can get and further you'll go!


#7 Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing

Who hasn't ever wanted to race hot rods! Now’s your chance to buys a fleet of awesome hot rods to race through the cities of the world and claim the crown of ultimate hot rod champion! The more races you win the more money you get and the better the cars you can buy and upgrade are!


#8 American Racing

Race your way through the American stock car championships, one race at a time! From the beginning of this game you're thrust into the action and have to keep up straight away. Take your awesome stock car and race the super-fast race courses of America to become the overall stock car champion of the world!


#9 Potty Racers 3.2

Racing a potty is hard, dangerous and super dirty work but someone has to do it! Hop in your awesome potty and take it as far as you possibly can, maybe even up into the stratosphere! Buy all the upgrades you can and you'll see your potty transform from a boring potty to an amazing supersonic jet! Chunks away!


#10 Racing Guard

When the world’s superpowers were drawn into a nuclear war the result was a barren wasteland and some of the survivors turned into huge evil mutants! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to defend your settlement from the hordes of attacking mutants. You only weapon is your car armed with machine gun and huge slicing chain to whip round and take out the mutants! Drive fast and dangerous to win!


That’s all we have time for today! We hope you've enjoyed the roundup as much as we have researching and writing it! There are some legendary games in this roundup and so please enjoy yourselves playing them! Until the next time…


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