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February 26, 2015, 4:37 pm

Nothing beats a classic hero game! With all the bad things out there in the world everyone needs a hero of some kind, so we've rounded up extreme sports heroes, war heroes and mini heroes in this epic roundup of the 10 best hero games.


#1 Shopping Cart Hero 2

Our first and most famous hero of the day works his heroism by hurtling down hills and flying through the air in shopping carts. Yes, you've guessed it the Shopping Cart Hero is here! Start by running down a hill, going as fast as your legs will take you then jump into your shopping cart and fly off the ramp to clear as much distance as possible. The more you jump the better upgrades you can buy.


#2 Strike Force Heroes

Not all heroes start off as that, some heroes are made in the heat of battle! After your secret lab in the middle of the ocean is hit by a group of terrorists you must take your scientist character through the facility and out to freedom by blasting all the terrorists to death before they kill you. Fight well!


#3 Strike Force Heroes 2

Choosing your hero is sometimes a good chance to help you forge a truly epic fighter worthy of any battle. Select your fighter’s style and then heads out to your space station to defend from the attacking enemies. The attack is unwarranted and unexpected so get ready for quick, fast all-out war in space!


#4 Shopping Cart Hero 3

Everyone’s favourite shopping cart pilot is back, but this time he’s in the country and he means business! Guide your little madman down the slope and launch him off the ramps as far as you possibly can. Earning money will allow you to customise your character and cart and essentially pimp them right out!


#5 Scrap Metal Heroes

Who hasn't ever dreamed about having their own robot army to do their bidding and destroy anyone who gets in their way? Well, now’s your chance! Build your own robot army and deploy your troops strategically onto the battlefield to match and destroy your enemies.  There are also missiles at your disposal but concentrate on crushing your enemies with brute force first!


#6 Min-Hero: Tower of Sages

Ever had dreams above your station, like defeating a Grand Sage and training up Titans… in this game you must do just that! Take your awesome little character on a journey around his world to gather minions and prove himself worthy of defeating a Grand Sage and being able to train titans. Image is everything so stick with it and prove to everyone you are capable of victory.


#7 Warlords: Heroes

In the world of Elves, there are many heroes great and small. You must take an epic journey through the 5 different adventures by battling your way, chopping and kicking all your enemies to death. Don't rest up until you have made it to the Elf princess and saved her from the evil goblins.


#8 Crazy Zombie 2: Crossing Heroes

Heroes are not always men, sometimes young girls are awesome zombie killing heroes too. When the zombie apocalypse happens there is just one ninja girl with her amazing sword out on the streets wiping out zombies before they infect her. Be that girl and take to the streets with your sword killing zombies over and over again, before they get to you!


#9 Clicker Heroes V0.12d

Fighting bugs, rats and all sorts of nasty creatures is sometimes as easy as clicking! As each of the nasty critters appears on your screen you must click the hell out of it until it dies! The more you kill, them more gold you earn and better upgrades you can buy to help you kill even more creatures!


#10 Heroes Empire

Empires once ruled the known worlds but have since fallen to ruin, but one thing empires always need is good soldiers and good heroes! Defend your lands by building a big army and deploying them strategically into battle to wipe out your enemies before they even have the chance to strike! Regain your lands and keep your empire great!


That’s all we have for the epic heroes game roundup! As always it’s been a blast researching and writing for you guys. We hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we have, and if you have any comments or anything to add at all, just leave us a comment below.


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