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July 6, 2014, 5:28 am

I’m sure everyone has fond memories of going to the arcade as a kid and slotting money into the machines to see how far you can take characters on excellent adventures! Well nowadays, with the wonders of Hacked Arcade Games, you can do that right in your living room! So, sit back, put your feet up and take a look at the list of HAG’s ten best arcade games!


#1 Flappy Bird

The amazingly popular winged wonder is here! Flappy Bird, need I say more? This international success of a game is so addictive you'll never be able to get enough. Guide the small bird through the levels, avoiding all the obstacles along the way. See how far you can get and challenge your friends to better you!


#2 New Star Soccer

Everyone enjoys a bit of footie, especially when the World Cup comes around! This winner has a unique game play that will surely get you hyped and addicted in no time! You have to aim and kick the ball into the back of the net, but there are often obstacles and even different weather conditions to deal with. So, take aim,adjust and shoot your way to football victory!


#3 Destroy all Cars

Feeling destructive? Well, good! This game is perfect for those in the mood to destroy something. A firm favourite in the HAG office, often with people having competitions during break (well, we hope they are on break! ;) ). The goal is to adjust the angle of the ramp to drive the car off it into the stacks of other cars and destroy as many as possible.


#4 Hanger

Hanging around without much to do? Boy do we have a good good game for you! In this game you need to pull off Spiderman like moves to help your character swing his way through the ever difficult levels to freedom. Hang on, why are you still reading and not playing ;)


#5 UFO Mission

Reports of alien abductions are rife in the American Midwest, and rightly so! In this beautifully designed little game you'll need to fly a UFO around farms, collecting stars and abducting animals. If you hit any objects your ship will explode, so be careful... It’s always better to be the one probing so get moving before someone tries to abduct you!


#6 Papa's Freezeria

You've just landed a sweet job as the manager of Papa’s Freezeria and you need to keep things running smoothly. When a customer comes in you need to take their order, make the sundae then serve it to them. Make sure you stick to the plan, as the last thing we need is a unhappy customer!


#7 The Flood Runner 2

When there is a huge tidal wave wiping out everything in its path, there is only one thing left to do... RUN! In this classic game you'll need to outrun the fast moving wave to keep your character’s head above water, literally! Don't worry though, as he has a handy hang glider to help, and you can get other tools, like an awesome surfboard. Enjoy!


#8 Papa's Pizzeria

I am quite sure that pizza is the best meal in the entire world, so what better task than running a pizzeria! Papa Louie had to leave town and has left his famous pizzeria in your capable (?) hands. Step up to run the restaurant, take orders, make pizzas, serve customers and keep everyone happy. I just hope that you can take the heat of the kitchen!


#9 Berzerk Ball

If you need to vent some frustration, then look no further! In this awesome game you need to select your beautiful girl and then make her smack a fat geek with a baseball bat as far as you can! The further you can smack him, themoremoney you can earn, ultimately to increase you geek whacking pleasure!


#10 Into Space 2

Last but DEFINITELY not least, we have Into Space 2! This is a well designed game that is excellent fun, but also quite difficult. You need to fly your rocket up into space, but there isn't enough fuel, so you need to collect money for fuel and lots of other bonuses on the way, while avoiding the many obstacles and storm clouds.


That’s it for the awesome arcade games roundup today, but do remember to leave us some comments below, as we love to hear from you guys, as always. Take care and see you next time!

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