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March 1, 2015, 8:42 am

Today we're going to do a feature on the up-and-coming guys at Adult Swim Games. They've been hammering out great games for a little while now and we think this is a good time to shine the light on some of their already classic games! Grab a drink and get ready for a journey through the legendary vaults of Adult Swim Games!


#1 Give Up, Robot

Despite the name, the game is to never let the robot give up! Take your awesome little character through the levels of varying difficulty, using the environment to help you navigate through the obstacles without falling into the bottomless pits! Move through levels grappling and jumping to overcome obstacles and avoid hazards.


#2 Hemp Tycoon

Ever dreamt of being a tycoon, running your own empire and calling the shots? Well, now’s the chance to be a tycoon... a hemp tycoon! Start from scratch and help your little dude build his hemp empire from the bottom up. You'll need to start by planting and harvesting crops and then take them to the market to sell for huge profits! Competition is fierce so good luck!


#3 Give Up Robot 2

That plucky robot is back and this time he means business! Help the little guy through the levels by jumping and grappling your way over objects and nasty hazards. The faster you can make it through each level the more points you'll earn so get your skates on and help the robot, just don't let him give up! This game is anything but predictable so be prepared for some surprises along the way!


#4 Dinosaur Zookeeper

Running a zoo seems like a whole lot of work, but imagine running a zoo full of huge dinosaurs! Do just that in this awesome little winner of a game! Starting with an empty zoo, you must go day-by-day making money and investing it back into buying fences and dinosaurs to make the visitors come, enjoy their visit and essentially spend more money!


#5 Amateur Surgeon 2

After being out of the game for 51 years, your amateur surgeon is given another chance to once again don his gown and get back into cutting people open, legally! He’s been working out of his bathroom for some time now, so way out of shape and you’ll need to practice a lot to hone his skills! Get your doctor back up to speed and back in the surgeon game by taking patients and fixing them up good before sending them out into the world once again!


#6 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Airport Edition

No one likes waiting at airports, the security, annoying people and the stupid screens everywhere – it’s so bad you might want to kill yourself! You've got 5 minutes to wait at the airport and you must use all the things around you to kill yourself before the time is up! There are angry security guards with dogs, annoying screens, interrogation rooms and everything else you might expect at an airport, so get in there and kill yourself quickly!


#7 Rock Paper Scissors-Extreme Deathmatch

Rock, paper scissors has been given an awesome makeover and made way more extreme! Choose your character – Rock, Paper or Scissors and then take them into the arena of death to fight against the other two characters. Use the special moves to power through and destroy your opponents before they kill you! Rock, Paper or Scissors – it’s your choice!


#8 Amateur Surgeon Pizza Boy

Being a doctor is a noble profession, so naturally many people aspire to be one, even humble pizza boys! After ‘accidentally’ running over a hobo in your pizza delivery van your career as a surgeon begins! Your goal is to take on patients, however you come across them and fix them up – good as new! The more experience you get the better you'll be able to work, so what are you waiting for?!


#9 Viva Caligula

Your destiny is to unite all of Rome in their unified hatred of you, and the best way to achieve this is to run through the streets maiming and killing as many of her citizens as you possible can! Charge through the streets of Rome armed with your sword and kill all the citizens within sword’s reach! Be careful as the citizens are fickle, while some will stand and fight others will run and hide. Show no mercy!


#10 My Friend Pedro

Some people experience some pretty crazy side effects from certain drugs, but after taking some strong unknown drug your character loses it and starts speaking to a floating banana who advises him to go on a berserk killing spree, wiping out all the gang members of the city with no remorse! The drugs also allow you to pulls some awesome slow mo moves, blasting baddies to pieces with Uzis.


That’s it for out Adult Swim Games roundup, and what a roundup it has been! We sure hope you've enjoyed reading and playing as much as we have. There sure have been some classics here and ones we know most gamers will love, so get involved and start playing (if you haven't started already!). Take care and we'll be back for the next instalment soon! 


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