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March 5, 2015, 3:31 pm

2015 really seems to be flying by so far and we thought it'd be a good chance to round up 10 of the best flying games available on HAG. We have everything from rocket propelled penguins to flying squirrels, so strap yourselves in, make your pre-flight checks and let’s get under way1


#1 Learn to Fly

Penguins are amazing creatures, they have the ability to swim and walk great distances. They are able to do many amazing things, just not... FLY! After searching the internet your little penguin dude gets really downhearted at his total lack of flight and decides to take matters into his own hands and find a way to fly! Help train your little penguin to fly off the ramps and fly as far as possible. By earning more money performing long flights you're able to by devices and boosts to help you fly further and conquer the air!


#2 Fly Zombie Fly

When the zombie apocalypse happens, there’s no better way to spend it than catapulting zombies and making them fly unaided for as far as unhumanly possible! Starting with your zombie in a noose you need to rocking him back and forth and then release him, making him fly through the air. The further he goes, the more money you can earn and with it you can buy new devices to help your zombie fly even longer!


#3 Learn to Fly 2

After waking up in an Antarctic hospital, still with no real chance of flying, your plucky little penguin needs your help to realise his ultimate dream and fly out of that place! Help the little guy by taking him down the slope to perform big jumps to earn money – the further you make it the more cash you get! With more money comes more upgrades and the chance to truly fly that crazy little penguin.


#4 Kitten Cannon

There’s really only one thing I really enjoy about kittens: shooting them out of canons! Take the Kitty Canon, load her up, take aim and blast that kitten as far as possible. Landing on things will help prolong the flight so try to aim for whatever you see and you'll do well. Blast that kitten as far as you can and keep it in flight for as long as possible!


#5 Nyan Cat FLY!

Nyan Cat is a colourful kitty that really enjoys snacks and all things sweet, but it truly hates vegetables with a feline passion. Guide the vibrant cat through space, helping it to eat all the tasty sugary sweets possible, just avoid the plain old vegetables at all costs. The longer you can fly without consuming vegetables the more points you'll earn and the happier Nyan cat will be!


#6 Learn To Fly Idle

Those pesky penguins are back, but this time with a whole new strategy! This time, instead of them doing the flying themselves, they are testing heavy artillery and they need your help! Take aim and fire your cannon to destroy the snowmen and hefty blocks of ice. Upgrade your weaponry for greater effect to blast everything to pieces!


#7 Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Not all squirrels like to climb, some like to fly like the wind, right through the air and off into the distance! In this awesome little game you must catapult your badass little flying squirrel right into the air and make him fly as far as he possibly can! He has an evil co-pilot to help prolong his flight too so use him to put the wind up the squirrel whenever you feel like it!


#8 Fly Hard

The best way that Druce Millis can stop a meteor hitting the planet and wiping out all its inhabitants it to build a totally awesome rocket and fly up to destroy the meteor! Help Druce Millis by piloting his rocket up into the skies to destroy the meteor and save the Earth! If you keep flying you'll earn loads of money for upgrades which will help you fly even higher than before!


#9 Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Kick Buttowski is probably the best daredevil, extreme sports enthusiast in the world! More than jumping, he flies through the air at every opportunity, giving most pilots a good run for their money! Help Kick race through the 4 different courses, using the 4 badass different extreme vehicles to perform huge flying stunts of every ramp you possibly can!

#10 Let The Bullets Fly 4

It’s not only animals that fly, sometimes when the going gets tough, bullets fly too! As the sheriff in an unruly Wild West town you must round up all the bad guys and let the bullets fly to kill them all! The one problem is that bullets are a premium and so the least bullets used to blast them all dead the better. Use the environment and tools around you to help eliminate all the bad guys in the least bullets possible.


Well, that’s all we have time for today folks! We sure do hope you've enjoyed the games roundup today, as we had a blast researching and playing all the wondrous treats on the HAG vaults! As always, do leave us some comments below if you've got anything to add.


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