Badass Burger Game Roundup

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March 8, 2015, 10:47 am

Everyone loves a good burger, not a man alive can resist a juicy burger with all the toppings. Just thinking about it now is making me hungry… very hungry! We've taken the time to round up 10 of the very best burger games available on HAG and presented them in the beautiful list below!


#1 Papa's Burgeria

Winning the golden ticket in the post must be an amazing feeling and that’s what happened to your plucky character, except there was a catch… the ticket was for him to start a new job, not win free stuff! Get stuck in and run Papa’s Burgeria, taking orders, cooking, preparing the food and serving the customers. The more satisfied customers you send off the better the burger joint will do!


#2 Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack

Today is “Free Burger Day” and the day everyone in town looks forward to all year, but this day, of all days goes horribly wrong. A disgruntled customer tips you with a magic coin that brings the food alive, making it evil and starts to eat the customers! With your trusty spatula, go out and rescue each of the customers from the strange dimension they have fallen into and bring them back to the restaurant.


#3 Burger Tycoon

Being a tycoon means knowing your business from start to finish and building it from the ground up, being involved in every aspect. Being a burger tycoon, you need to start by farming the fields to make crops and cows for the burgers; you'll also need to manage the slaughter house, restaurant and HQ! You have to stay on top of things with this games or things will get out of hand quickly!


#4 60 Seconds Burger Run

Sometimes when you absolutely have to eat a burger there isn't much in the world that can stop you, not even brick walls! Help your chunky burger munching dude make it to the bus stops on all the different levels to eventually get his burger! There are many obstacles and hazards to overcome, but a man in need of a burger is truly a force to be reckoned with.


#5 Burger Restaurant 4

Burgers may seem easy to cook, but running a successful restaurant and consistently serving kickass burgers to satisfied customers is tough. Help your good-looking chef cook up some awesome burgers, using all the requested ingredients and then serve them up to the waiting customers. Get a reputation for good burgers and you'll succeed.


#6 Mad Burger

Food vans have become real trendy lately, with people selling fancy foods from them all over the world, but what happened to the classic burger vans at campsites, I wonder… They are still there! From your campsite burger van you must make burgers and send them to the customers around the site, by shooting them as far as you can! Once the level is at maximum, take aim and shoot the burgers to the waiting customers.


#7 Mad Burger 3

Mad Burger is back and this time set in the lawless and crazy Wild West! Help your outlaw chef make the best darn burger around and then send it 100KMs to the person that ordered it! When the power meter hits maximum send that burger flying! The more tries you have, the more money you'll earn and the better upgrades you can get to send your awesome burgers flying further.


#8 Zombie Burger

Fresh out of cooking school, your aim is to serve burgers to the biggest market segment and make money; the only problem is that since the zombie apocalypse, the biggest market is the undead, so you decide to serve those guys! Cook up the nasty ingredients and prepare the horrid burgers for the waiting zombie customers.


#9 Burger Restaurant 3

Building a burger restaurant is one thing but building an international burger empire is something else! Work your way around the world setting up new burger restaurants by serving customers and training new local staff. The more happy customers you have, the better the reputation you'll get!


#10 Burger Defense

Owning the best burger joint in town is usually a good thing, but when you are so good, people want to eat at all costs and sometimes free, especially zombie burger munchers! Defend your burger joint at all costs by shooting things at the approaching zombies and blasting them to pieces before they reach the doors!


That’s all we have time for today, guys. As always we've had an absolute blast setting this list up for you guys and we hope you've all enjoyed reading about and playing the games listed.


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