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March 12, 2015, 4:23 pm

In the days of old when men wore suits of armour and carried huge swords, knights ruled the lands and protected the people folk from attacking enemies. We have taken the time to round up ten of the best knight games available on HAG and compiled them into the handy list below. So take ye time and read through, playing the games that take thou fancy.


#1 Zombie Knight

The Templar knights were the most feared around, and rarely beaten, unless betrayed! As a Templar Knight you were betrayed by your king and killed, but luckily you have come back to life as a zombie and you must do all you can to avenge the death of you and your men! Head out into the field of battle with your newly found zombie skills to destroy the enemies and avenge the death of your men!


#2 Knightmare Tower

After receiving a note asking for help saving 10 princesses, what self-respecting knight wouldn't run to their aid?! Your job is to take on the quest and to save the princesses from the evil guy that took them, by flying ancient rockets up into the air and prolonging your flight by slashing the nasty enemies. The higher you get the more princesses you'll save!


#3 Mighty Knight

When kings of old gave orders, they had to be obeyed, no matter what! As the Mighty Knight, your skills in battle are well known and enemies fear the mere mention of your name so the king wants you to embark on a quest through mysterious and dangerous lands, all the way to Doom Castle where you'll need to find and kill the land’s strange leader!


#4 Chibi Knights

The Chibi Knights are renowned for their awesome fighting skills and amazing personalities. In their great kingdom of Oukoku there is trouble, with 3 frightening beasts taking over the territories and wreaking havoc! Your job is to go out into the lands, kill the beasts and rid the people of this horrible tyranny. That’s just what knights do!


#5 Siege Knight

Laying siege to a castle used to be an art, mastered by only a few generals. But not only is there attacking but there are also the times when you are the one in the castle defending its wall from attacking armies! Get up on the walls and help your little knight defend his castle by placing defensive traps and shooting arrows!


#6 Knight Age

Back in the days of knights and kings, there was a noble sport, played only by the hardest of knights and this sport was jousting! It is the art of riding on a horse and knocking your contender off his horse with a huge stick! Get on your mighty horse and send your knight flying down the course to knock off and hopefully kill his opponents in each of the jousts.


#7 Knight vs Giant

Evil giants were all the rage back in days of old, and there was always a trusty knight to do battle with these foul creatures! Test your will and mettle by repeatedly attacking the huge Evil Giant until you manage to fall the monstrous beast. It will take a lot of different attacks, using special moves so pay attention and you'll eventually succeed.


#8 Black Knight

In ye days of old, kings had a lot of money but only because they taxed the lowly peasant for every penny they earned. Collecting this money is a tough job, but somebody has to do it! As the Black Knight your job is to head out into the town to beat the peasants into paying their taxes so their king can continue life in the style he is accustomed to.


#9 Sentry Knight

With a colossal army sent from the Netherspere to destroy your lands, you must do what you're good at and fight the devils back down to hell! Stand your ground by protecting your lands with your trusty bow and arrow and shooting the attacking hordes from your sentry tower. Kill more enemies to earn money and upgrade to more totally awesome weapons.


#10 Knights vs Zombies

Red Beard the king was a merry ruler and everyone loved him, but he was totally unaware of the evil wizard plotting evil doings and eventually the king’s downfall! The wizard turned all Red Beard’s men to zombies and now they are laying siege to his castle! Help the king defend his castle by deploying and upgrading his remaining troops and throwing spears at the waves of brain munching zombies!


That’s all we have time for today! We truly hope you've enjoyed the totally awesome game roundup today, as we've had a blast putting it all together for you. As always, leave us some comments below if you have something to add.


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