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March 16, 2015, 9:03 am

Money making schemes are all over the place nowadays, with people seemingly making millions from nothing! However, becoming a tycoon is tough and maintaining a business empire is truly a challenge. As we suspect all gamers at HAG will be multi-millionaires at some point we thought it would be a good idea to round up 10 of the best tycoon games for you guys to cut your teeth on!


#1 Fish Tycoon

When thinking about being a tycoon, fish are probably quite low on the scale of things to consider, but there’s a business opportunity in everything if you work it right. Start your own tropical fish collections, feeding and breeding them to sell them off for a profit and make heaps of money. Keep your eye on the eventual goal and make sure your fish grow well to sell for a better price!


#2 Carnival Tycoon

Everyone loves a good carnival, especially one that has been designed and set up well. Design and create your own amusement park, fit with everything from roller coasters to restrooms. Your goal is to keep the punters happy and coming back for more so listen to their opinions and cater to their needs and your park will be a roaring success!


#3 Hemp Tycoon

Starting a business from home is often how successful business tycoons get their first break and it can be very profitable. So, starting in your attic, you must start on building your very own business hempire ;) Grow the beautiful plants, right up until harvesting them and then it’s off to the market to reap what you sow. Keep growing and selling until you've made your millions.


#4 Burger Tycoon

Building a burger empire literally from the ground up is a very difficult thing to do, you have to sow seeds, feed cows, harvest and slaughter, then you have to look after the restaurants and eventually the head office too! There’s a lot to do and so you'll need to keep on your toes to eventually become a burger tycoon of epic proportions.


#5 Recordshop Tycoon

Record shops are often the coolest places in town with cool kids coming along looking to get their fix of the hip tunes of the moment. With hipsters come their easy money, usually straight from daddy’s bank! You goal is to create a record shop empire stocking cool music and great features to get the local cool kids in the city flowing into your stores and buying everything up!


#6 Nightclub Tycoon

Nightclubs are often a license to print money, especially if they are designed and ran well. Set up and run a successful nightclub with big name DJs, pole dancers and a great team of staff members to help make your fortune. The staff can be a little emotional so tend to their needs and upgrade the equipment to keep the place fresh and the staff happy.


#7 Airport Tycoon

A lot of wealthy businessmen start their careers in the airline business, as there is a lot of money to be made running an airport and building an airline. Starting at the bottom you must build your airline from the runway, right up to running successful marketing campaigns to get the punters flying! Keep your mind on the business and even hire celebrities to boost marketing and create a booming airport.


#8 Motorcycle Tycoon

Motorcycle racing is a hotbed of money and fanatics, crazy about biking! Your job is to build a motorcycling empire, with mechanics and riders that are the best in the game to help you conquer the scene and dominate the races. Choose your team and build bikes to send out and win races to earn you big bucks and great name on the racing circuits.


#9 Construction Tycoon

When building a new town with shopping malls, hotels and condos, it takes planning, but also you have to be quick to beat your competitors! In direct competition with other city developers you must construct a busy and bustling town where people enjoy living, but you also have to build and upgrade properties quickly to beat any rivals to the punch.


#10 Greyhound Tycoon

Like horse racing, greyhound racing is a very rich sport, with money pouring in all the time. Your job is to buy and train your greyhound to enter and win races! The more races you win, the more money you'll get so train them well and treat them to spas, summer camps, toys and awesome food to keep them on top of their game. A happy dog is a fast dog.


That’s all we have for you guys today! We sure hope you've enjoyed playing the games as they'll definitely help you gain an idea of the different business and hopefully help you on your way to make millions and millions of dollars! Good luck!


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