The 10 Best Wild War Games

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March 18, 2015, 6:06 pm

When war is upon your land there is no option but to fight – and fight well! Epic war games are an absolute must for any gamer and so we've rounded up ten of the best war games available on HAG.  So, draw your arrows, sharpen your swords and load your guns as we’ve got an absolute belter of a roundup for you guys today! 


#1 Age of War 2

Waging war is hard work, especially when you're fighting through different ages, against forces from the Stone Age all the way to futuristic robots! Head out into the battlefield and deploy troops strategically to wipe out your enemies, just be warned the fighting evolves quickly! One minute you can be fighting cavemen and the next doing battle with robots!


#2 Stick War 2: Order Empire

Those awesome stickmen are back and this time it’s serious! Follow the amazing storyline to take your legions of stickmen out to do battle and kill their foes! There’s a lot to do, from mining gold, to developing new technologies to fight and win battles. You'll need to pay attention and keep on your toes to succeed, so plan your victories well!


#3 Warlands

In days of old when warriors roamed the lands looking for adventure, they also needed leadership to guarantee victory against enemies. This is where you come in, you must lead your army around the lands, waging war and conquering new towns with stealth and cunning. You can choose to help during battles or take a back seat and let your generals fight for you, but must be victorious!


#4 Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

The days of demons are among us once again and you are charged with saving the planet from their terrible grip! Choose your allegiance and then take your forces out into the lands to do battle, conquering the surrounding towns and uniting the forces to fight the approaching demon armies! You alone stand between your people and the demons so don't let them down!

#5 Stick Wars

In a world called Inamorta the opposing forces of stickmen are all devoted to their own technologies and beliefs and they're hell-bent on destroying each other. You are the commander of the Order Cult and you must command your troops to wage war on the surrounding towns, killing all who oppose and destroying their idols so they can recognise the one true idol: yours! Command your different troops and take them to victory over all who get in your way!


#6 Epic War 4

In the world of Epic War battles and wars have been fought for eons and war has become part of life for the people. Most heroes have been slain but there is one hero left, Viegraff the Red who inspires others to be heroes and reclaim the glory. Embark on your quest as Viegrafff the Red and wage epic war against the evils that are ravaging your world!


#7 Epic War 5

The Epic War saga is back with more quests to take and wars to wage! You can choose between 3 awesome characters and take them out war mongering and conquering ravaged lands to restore honour and peace. Head to different lands to go into and win wars with each of the opposing armies y deploying soldier strategically. The fate of your world depends on you being victorious so show no mercy and trample your foes.


#8 Stick Wars 1.3

The awesome Stick Wars series comes back for another round of epic stickman battles, rivalled by no other stickman that has gone before! Yours is the one true idol and you must wage war against others who worship inferior gods until your idol reigns supreme! Deploy your stick warriors into battle and remember to maintain your stocks with gold to truly prosper.


#9 Miragine War

Miragine War is a series of epic battles where you must wage war against all enemies and destroy their sacred crystals before they destroy yours! Tactically send out troops to match and counter the enemy’s manoeuvres and you will be victorious. Some troops move quickly, others slower but with more power. Learn your warriors and you will surely win the war.


#10 Siegius

Caesar was an amazing commander but he also needed help maintaining his legions and doing battle on many fronts. He was stretched too far while doing battle with Gaelic tribes and he needs your help to defeat them! Help Caesar wage war with the Gaelic tribes by commanding troops in battle to defeat and kill all the crazy enemies you can! Strategy is the order of the day so use your brain to help you succeed.


That’s all we have time for today! We sure hope you've all had fun playing all these awesome games, as we definitely had a blast researching and playing them all! As always, do leave us some comments if you have any questions or suggestions.


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