The Whacky Wheels Game Roundup

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March 23, 2015, 5:45 am

In honour of all race lovers we've decided to round up a list of the 10 absolute best wheel-related games! We've got everything, from big trucks to go carts so pretty much something for everyone! If you love racing or just anything with wheels this is for you!


#1 Happy Wheels Demo

When navigating tricky obstacle courses it pays to have some form of wheeled vehicle and one of the best would be the humble wheelchair! Help the old fella in the wheelchair to negotiate through the course and conquer all the obstacles! When you have mastered the wheelchair you can then move on and try other equally awesome modes of transport, like a Segway!


#2 18 Wheels Driver 3

When it comes to wheels, you can't beat a huge 18 wheeler truck! The power and speed of these goliaths are a true force to be reckoned with and an awesome way to get around town. Climb into your huge 18 wheeler truck and take it on missions around the town. You'll need to drive to destinations, pick up loads and navigate to the drop point successfully.


#3 Monsters Wheels

If you're after wheels then you need look no further than the truly badass monster trucks! What could be better than driving an awesome monster truck… racing them, that’s what! Get yourself ready and hop into your mental monster truck to race other trucks, just remember to pull off some badass tricks along the way and to save some nitro to see you through!


#4 Wheels of Fury

When I was young I made myself a go cart, possibly the best go cart the world has ever seen; well, until now that is! Start by selecting your character and then move to choose your absolutely mega awesome go cart then head out onto the streets to race your friends! The more races you win, the more upgrades and parts you can but to make you go cart even more amazing.


#5 18 Wheeler 2

The big wheeling truck game is back and it’s every bit as awesome as the last one! Choose from either story mode, to go on missions delivering loads and driving round town, or select KILL MODE and go on rampages through parks wiping people out at random. Keep on trucking!


#6 Madness on Wheels

If you thought the movie Mad Max was good, you’ll love this ripper of a game! Your job is to fight off all the crazed people trying to blast your armoured car to pieces. There are mad guns, bombs and bad guys all over the place, so prepare to fight them off as they race up to you in cars, trucks and on big motorbikes.


#7 Supercar Drift

Drifting the art of driving your car sideways through city streets, amazing the crowds and impressing the girls! Hop in the crazy cool supercar of your choice and then take to the streets, drifting through corners and wiping out your opponents with ease. The better drifting you do the more chance you have of winning!


#8 Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is an awesome little puzzled based car game, where the emphasis is less on driving and more on solving the puzzles in each level to help the plucky Wheely make it to the shops and return with his wife’s new wheels. To conquer each level you must use all the tools around you so think outside of the box and you'll do well.


#9 Weapons on Wheels 2

The second in the mental Weapons on Wheels series has just as much fast-paced wildness as the first; in fact, probably much more! The aim is to select your car and style it to your liking then head out onto the track to race against fast and deadly opponents and beat them to the finish by all means necessary!


#10 18 Wheels Racing

Racing cars is all good, but if you really want to push the boundaries, you can't beat an 18 wheeler race! These bad boys really move, and they are mad fun with the trailers still attached! Select your truck and then get out on the track to race other 18 wheelers with their trailers still attached too!


That’s it for the Wacky Wheels Game Roundup! We've had an absolute blast pulling this all together for you guys, and we hope you've enjoyed reading through and hopefully playing these mind-blowing games!


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