The Downright Defensive Game Roundup

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March 26, 2015, 3:30 pm

They say the best defence is a strong offence! That’s why we think defensive games are some of the best around, and very much worthy of their own awesome roundup! So, get ready for some strong defensive action, as we journey through the world of defensive games!


#1 Defend Your Nuts

When under attack from a marauding skeleton army you must protect the one thing that they are obviously after... your nuts! From the safety of your squirrel’s tree you must defend your ground from the approaching waves of skeleton warriors. When you wipe out a wave you'll be able to upgrade and change weapons so that the next wave will prove lesson of a challenge and you'll be able to wipe them all out with ease!


#2 DragonBall Z: Earth Defender

Floating high in the skies, Goku is tasked with defending his world from the alien attackers hell-bent on destroying it! As Goku you must use his awesome powers to destroy all the alien attackers before they make it past you and down to kill the citizens of your amazing world. The fate of your world depends on you so fight fast and well to wipe out the invaders before they make landfall!


#3 Defend Your Nuts 2

Nut thieves come in all shapes and sizes, even from the air! Some seem zombie-like and others just plain old skeleton warriors! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to defend the squirrel’s nuts from the would-be thieves at all costs. After each wave of villains you'll be able to upgrade to a better weapon to eventually start shooting an awesome rocket launcher to blast your attackers to pieces by the dozen!


#4 Bloom Defender

Mother nature is often compared to the fantastic life of trees and all the wonderful beauty they behold. In the incredible little game you must help defend the Mother Tree from the evil vibes that try to pollute the environment around the tree and bring the vibes down. To stop the evil vibes from getting to Mother Tree you must strategically plant defending trees along the route that the enemies will take.


#5 Sniper Tower Defender

To defend a tower you'll need courage, food to last the time, will power and an awesome, amazing sniper rifle! With an army of big-headed stick men at the door you must pick up your sniper rifle, take aim and simply wipe them all out quicker than they can break your door down! Shoot the waves of stickmen down and stop them from breaking through the tower’s defences and coming to kill you and your companions!


#6 Defend your Tent

Tents are not very strong, even wigwams, so when camping in the wilderness you must do all you can to protect your tent from any and all attackers. Build and equip your army to defend your tent at all costs! When you're done creating soldiers and arming them, simply send them out into the battlefield to do your fighting. If they are ready to fight then they will definitely do well and wipe out the opposition; if not, then they might not fare so well.


#7 Defenders Quest

In a quest against an evil plague that is ravaging her nation your amazing character is transformed into a being with lots of powers. You must follow the intricate story and help defend your character, as she cannot move. You must recruit helpers and place them strategically along the route the evil doers and plague victims will take to attack and kill her. Essentially a tower defence game, but the cinematic approach to the storyline help elevate it above others in the genre.


#8 Command and Defend

Being a general is tough work, especially when your forces are under attack from a huge army of heavy artillery. You must help your awesome general defend the base and all his troops by arming up and deploying artillery strategically onto the battlefield to ensure victory. The more weapons you have in the fight, the better the chances of victory are so go all out and arm your troops to the teeth and you're sure to win!


#9 Desert Defender 3

Nothing is worth defending like a good man injured! When your helicopter crashes in the desert you get out alive and well but your compatriot is injured and left fighting for his life next to the burning crash site. Your objective is to defend his position by shooting down all of the attacking forces before they make it to your friend and kill him!


#10 The Utans - Defender of Mavas

When it comes to tower defence games, The Utans is surely up there with the best. Set in ancient times, where superior and advanced forces are trying to take over their lands, you must help The Utans defend their lands by building their forces and deploying them strategically into the battle to fight and destroy the forces from the future!


That’s all we have time for today! Dang, we hope you've all had a blast reading about and playing the awesome games – we sure have! As always, leave us some comments below if you have any suggestions, comments or just plain banter to add!


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