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March 29, 2015, 8:31 am

Not much in the world beats a good getaway - what with the fast cars, high speeds, high stakes and incredible action, who doesn't like a good getaway game! We've taken the initiative to roundup 10 of the best getaway games available on HAG and put them into a handy dandy list, as you can see below. Enjoy!


#1 Warzone Getaway

Stuck in a warzone, the best thing to do is get out as fast as possible! When fighting a war it’s important to protect yourself and your troops from any enemies, foreign or domestic. From the safety of the back of your armoured car, you must pick up arms and shoot the hell out of all the approaching bad guys, wiping them out before they take down the jeep with your own team inside.


#2 Canadian Border Getaway

Border police are a tough bunch and they keep a tight ship, but sometimes you just have to make run from the American authorities and blast through the Canadian border to get away from them! Think Trailer Park Boys with awesome cars! Speed along the roads and make a getaway over the Canadian border before the US police catch and jail you!


#3 Warzone Getaway 2

Getting away from bad situations is essential, and situations do not get any more dangerous than war zones! Blasting down dirt tracks, your job is to take up arms and destroy all the bad guys on motor bikes and in cars, before they take out the armoured jeep. After each stage you have the chance to upgrade and buy new weaponry so get armed and get involved!


#4 Getaway

Being a getaway driver is probably the best kind of driving in the world, with high speeds, high stakes and awesome police chases, adrenaline is high! Get in your inconspicuous black van and head out into the city to the designated spot where you have to pick up the crew as they run out of a bank robbery. Your job is to get them to the safe house on the other side of town before the police catch you!


#5 Warzone Getaway 3

The third in the Warzone Getaway series is here and it’s been taken to a new level! Again your team are trying to speed away from attacking forces but this this time they come by road and water! Arm up and blast all the assailants to pieces before they make it close enough to blast your teammate’s truck to bits.


#6 Prison Getaway

Breaking out of prison is always really hard; one thing that would make it easy is having an amazing police car! Solve the puzzles by collecting the key and drive yourself right out of the prison, cellblock by cellblock! You must be careful though, because your car can only take so much damage before it breaks, so avoid the mines and don't crash too often! See you on the outside!


#7 High School Getaway

Being at school is always so boring! The endless maths and history just gets so dull, you just need to escape and get away from it all! Your job is to help the kids escape from school by using all the tools around them to solve the puzzles and break out of class without the teacher seeing! Schools out!


#8 Marvin the Martian Jetpack Getaway

Everyone loves Marvin the Martian; he’s such a loveable little chap! As he’s a Martian he has lots of badass technology, including an amazingly cool jetpack! You must help Marvin escape the depths of the cave system he’s stuck in by flying everywhere using his speedy jetpack. Blast your way through the levels, solving puzzles along the way.


#9 Ice Cold GetAway

Everyone’s favourite superhero is back, Batman! His arch nemesis Mr. Freeze has stolen a priceless collection of beautiful diamonds and your job is to help Batman in his quest to recover all the diamonds and bring Mr. Freeze to justice! Get in the Bat Boat and speed through waters collecting all the diamonds you can and avoiding the hazards to keep a good speed.


#10 Police Chase Crackdown

Making a getaway is always fun, but chasing people and stopping them getting away is also a hell of a lot of fun! This time you're the police and you must head out onto the streets to chase down gangs of speeding gangs and ram them off the road to stop them getting away! Speed through city streets and take down the gangs of bad guys before they drive off into the sunset.


That’s all we have time for today! I'm sure you've all had a blast reading about and playing the action-packed and amazing getaway games – we certainly have! Leave us some comments below if you have anything to add.


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