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July 10, 2014, 1:36 am

The racing game roundup is here, and boy has it been a pleasure to write! We've been trawling through the HAG racing games archives and there are some absolute gems hidden away in there. As everyone loves a good racing game, we thought it would be best to round up 10 of the best ones we found for your gaming pleasure. So, seatbelts on and get in gear because we're putting pedal to the metal!


#1 Earn to Die

We here at HAG loves racing and zombie games equally, so what could possibly be better than a combination of awesome racing with zombie destruction? Earn to Die is just that, you need to plough through the desert mowing down zombies along the way. The aim is to make it as far as you possibly can before the fuel runs out. Happy zombie hunting.


#2 Uphill Rush 3

We hope you're feeling extreme because Uphill Rush 3 is certainly that! Race vehicles along the rooftops of Paris, doing huge jumps and pulling amazing tricks. Control in the air is hard to master but when you do, the higher score are easier to reach. Show us what you're made of and hit those jumps!


#3 American Racing

Test your mettle in this fast-paced all out action racing game! You'll be racing in an American stock car championship and your goal is to destroy the competition by overtaking everyone and taking home the cup!


#4 Potty Racers

Here at HAG we don't travel very much (too busy gaming!) but when we do our preferred mode of transport is a flying toilet! This next game is a sure-fire hit with anyone that plays it. The goal is to push a portable toilet down a hill and then guide it through the air after you have launched it off a massive jump. Those toilets really go like stink!


#5 Renegade Racing

This game is pretty much a free for all of racing stunt madness! Choose your car, tune it up and race against a real mix of other vehicles. The goal is to make it to the finish line first while pulling off all manner of awesome tricks and jumps along the way.


#6 Drag Racer V3

In this sporty little number, you'll need to buy, tune and race cars for a bet or pink slips! The aim is to build a reputation by collecting awesome cars and drag racing them to earn fat stacks of cash! If you like fast-paced action and have a taste for badass race cars then this is the game for you.


#7 Road of the Dead

Being stuck in a zombie apocalypse can be tough, but if you have a car you still have a chance of escape! The name of this game is to drive between different safe destinations during a zombie apocalypse, using your car to mow down any zombies on the way.


#8 Shopping Cart Hero 2

Ever watched Jackass and wanted to try some of the stunts yourself, but never been stupid enough to attempt them? Well, now’s your chance to race down a huge hill in a shopping cart and launch yourself off a massive jump to see how far you can make it! Jump in, race down and fly off…just try not to cause too much damage!


#9 Stunt Master

Fact: Stuntmen are the coolest guys in Hollywood! I have always wanted to be a stuntman and so this game is excellent! You get to run gauntlets of extreme driving while camera crews film your every move for exciting new movie action sequences. Get geared up and race your way to fame!


#10 Tractor Mania

As far as racing vehicles go, tractors towing things do not really factor in… but hey, it’s a cool idea and it works! In this game you need to race a tractor of extreme terrain while towing various loads. Try not to lose the contents of the trailers along the way!


That’s a wrap! We are all done for the Rapid Race Game Roundup! Thanks for taking the time to read this through, as always. If you have any games that you think should be added, don’t hesitate to leave some comments below!


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