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April 2, 2015, 3:46 pm

Today we will review some of the awesome games from the mighty behemoth of developers, Free Online Games. They have released some true classics, very much worthy of note and we thought a round up dedicated to their titles would be fitting. So, sit back, grab a drink and prepare yourselves for a venture through the vaults of Free Online Games.


#1 Robotic Emergence 2

In the year 2024 with the human population at bursting point, commercial robots were created for household use. The huge demand for the robots created bad pollution which when counteracted by governments plans, ended up creating diseases that wiped out the human population, leaving only the robots left on earth who then started warring with each other! Your job is to set up robot civilizations and create armies to go out and defeat your robot enemies. It’s all about making a stronger robot army!


#2 High School Wars

At high school it was always about who was the toughest in school and who could beat-up the bullies! Choose your gang and then head out into the school grounds to fight the other gangs and take their territory with force. Your objective is to knock everyone out and rule the entire school. Move your characters strategically around the grounds fighting the other gangs to become the winner.


#3 Eggstinction

When faced with extinction most races will get angry and fight their invaders to the death! Your little egg dude has been rudely awoken by attacking aliens, hell-bent on wiping out his race without sparing a thought for them! After only half hatching, you must help the egg character pick up weapons and kill the alien attackers before they kill him! The more ships you destroy the better the weapons get so keep blasting and you'll soon have a rocket launcher in his hands!


#4 Gangster Life

Gangsters always get such a bad reputation – and rightly so, they are true bad asses with bad attitudes and awesome weapons! After breaking out of prison you gotta head back to the safe house to take stock and start making plans on how to reclaim your hood from the other gangs that have taken over since you've been inside. There’s a sweet story to follow and complete missions or you can just go free mode and kick it gangster style.

#5 Siege Of Troy

In ancient Troy, there was an epic battle fought between the great armies of antiquities, with Greek warriors swinging swords and breaking castles in hugs sieges that lasted for days. Your goal is to stand your ground on top of the castle walls and kill all the attacking warriors with your amazing bow and arrow. Protect the walls at all costs! The more soldiers you kill the better the upgrades you can get!


#6 Medieval Crusade

During the medieval crusades lots of battles were fought and many armies were destroyed. Command your own crusade by strategically sending your troops out onto the battlefield to wipe out your many enemies and take their lands. Don’t stop until you've conquered the known world and rule all the lands. You can use your mill to help equip your army and help them fight well, and winning battles allows you to recruit more fierce troops.


#7 Counter Terror

Terrorism is an evil that has spread throughout the civilized world by men stuck in caves in the deserts! In the Counter Terrorism force your job is to infiltrate hostile areas to identify and wipe out any resistance. This is an awesome game with retro game play and a great feel to it. Run through the levels shooting terrorists and throwing grenades into tight spots to eliminate all the threats before they take you down!


#8 I Am Ultra Killer of Zombies

After crash landing into an unknown country, you helicopter explodes and you're stranded with no one else around to help. As it turns out, where you have crash landed is probably the worst place on earth because it is infested with... ZOMBIES! Set up a barricade, arm yourself and get ready to shoot down all the evil zombie brain munchers before they break through the wall and eat you!


#9 Siege of Troy 2

The awesome Siege of Troy is back and with all the excitement of the first in the series! Again, you must defend your castle walls from the attacking warriors of ancient times, but this time you have access to some awesome new weapons which can wipe out entire ranks of men swiftly! Get up on the walls and defend them at all costs, by shooting arrows and deploying all your other weapons. The enemy cannot breach the defences!


#10 Urban Sniper 2

Everyone fancies themselves as a sniper, with the sharp shooting, patience and eventual kill. But it takes training to become the best, so that’s what you'll need! As a world class sniper you must take on missions and follow the directions to complete the objectives and get paid. Pay attention to the mission objectives before you start shooting and you will have a better chance of successfully completing them. Think, aim and shoot.


That’s what we have for the best of what free Online Games has to offer – and boy what a list! We hope you've had a blast playing the games, just as we have researching and writing about them. As always, do leave us some comments below if you have anything to add.


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