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April 11, 2015, 9:27 am

Today we are going to round up a list of the best building games available on HAG; well, mostly building but also a lot of demolition too! We have it all from city building to heavy demolition so grab a drink, sit back and get ready for a journey through everything construction related!


#1 Cargo Bridge - Armor Games

If building bridges is your aim then this is most definitely your game! Head out into the hills with the materials needed to construct awesome bridges and then set to work designing and building them to allow your workers to pick up the goods and transport them over the bridge. Think hard before starting the design , as certain gaps need stronger bridges.


#2 Construction Tycoon

Becoming a tycoon is hard work, there’s lots of wheeling and dealing – all the time gunning for more cash! Being a construction tycoon is no easy task, but building a property empire is where the real money is at! Go head-to-head with other property tycoons and build faster, quicker and better selections of buildings to earn more cash and win the construction boom race!


#3 DeConstruction 2

If you more interested in causing mayhem and destruction then try DeConstruction 2! The object of the game is to undo all the hard work that the construction guys have done and destruct the buildings using badass explosives. Move you little demolition expert around the levels, placing bombs strategically around the structures to blow them to pieces in the least amount of explosions possible.


#4 Rebuild

When the Dutch Flu originated it was connected to a tulip eating cult of some kind, but soon developed into something much worse... zombies! A year after the infection broke out people were still running but you decide to take a stand, put your feet down and build a place for humans. Work with other survivors to help rebuild a place where humans can survive and thrive! You must reclaim buildings, build and maintain huge walls, send out scouting parties and help sustain the humans by keeping the zombies out!


#5 3D Construction Car

If you like your construction games with a little driving then try 3D Construction Car! Hop in the cool 3D car and drive it through the construction site, right up until the target finish. You need to keep your eye on the future terrain to know how to successfully navigate over it because there are some tricky twists and turns and you need to be on the ball to master them.


#6 Rebuild 2

After the zombie apocalypse hits the survivors will have one job and that is to rebuild some form of civilization! As a survivor, you must find others like you and then work with them to construct and maintain a new society where with big walls to keep out the roaming zombies. Help build a new safe haven for human, by extending and strengthening walls, sending people out on scouting missions and most of all keeping the zombies out!


#7 Building Demolisher

Construction is great but sometimes you just cannot beat a big dose of destruction! In this little masterpiece you must use the different wrecking balls to smash the structures to pieces in the least swing possible. The further you get the more difficult the structures become and harder they are to demolish, but each of the balls have different functions, so choosing the right tool for the job is important if you want to progress quickly.


#8 Epic City Builder

Building a city is no joke, things get big and sprawling quickly! Start from scratch, with nothing but a big empty field and then work building your epic city from the ground up. Create residential, industrial and commercial zones and connect them all to power and transport for  thriving city, just remember to keep a good mix and ample room between industrial and residential for a happy city. You can eventually build fire and police stations then set tax rates!


#9 The Empire 2

When it comes to building things, nothing beats building an empire! Starting with a mere fort, you must begin construction in earnest to expand your empire to the surrounding lands. Building and expanding is the aim of this game, but you need to create a balanced society that can both conquer new lands and maintain existing one! Being the sole creator and controller of an empire is difficult so remember to keep your eye on all areas.


#10 Mars Colonies

Conquering Mars has long been the dream of man, the Red Planet is the far future’s dream utopia. After landing on Mars you must get set quickly to building a sustainable colony, complete with water pumps and everything else humans need to survive. Once your colony is thriving you can move on and expand to another area on Mars. You goal is to create the biggest colony on the planet and help it survive.


That’s all for the Badass Building Games roundup! We hope you've enjoyed reading about and playing the games just as much as we have. Leave us some comments below if you have something to add, we just love to hear what you guys think!


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