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April 16, 2015, 5:17 am

Over time the mighty Pokemon have proven to be a formidable force in gaming, so we thought it would be a good idea to search the HAG archives for the ten best Pokemon games a present them to you in a handy list! Below is the list of the ten awesome Pokemon games we were able to find and we hope you enjoy them!


#1 Pokemon Tower Defense

Introduced to HAG in August 2012, Pokemon Tower Defense took off and became an instant hit with our online gamers. It now has over 17 million plays, which makes it the most popular HAG game to date. Follow the cool story of your Pokemon novice and help your character train to become a Pokemon master. Select your Pokemon and deploy them strategically into the field of battle to vanquish any and all enemies.


#2 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

The mighty behemoth Pokemon Tower Defense is back, but this time all your favorite characters are there to follow a different story with plenty of twists and turns. Build up your Pokemon warriors and head out into the world to explore and generally do good deeds to help people in tight spots. Each level poses new and difficult problems that you must solve by deploying your cool characters to wipe out the canny attackers.


#3 Pokemon Great Defense

The classic tower defence Pokemon is back, but this time in a more traditional style. With less of a story line, you must simply get down to defending your base from the attacking Pokemons by deploying your troops strategically along the route of the enemies. Spend time upgrading your defences to make them more effective and help them destroy all your enemies!


#4 Pokemon Invaders TD

When being invaded, the only real strategy is to defend your position – and defend it well! Help your forces defend themselves from a huge Pokemon invasion by sending your warriors and specialized Pokemon out into the battle, placing them at points that will make them most effective at destroying the attacking Pokemon!


#5 Pokemon Adventure

Moving away from the tower defence genre we are heading into an adventure style, with the best Pokemon ever, Pikachu! In a classic Mario style, you must help Pikachu work through the awesome levels collecting all the lightning strikes to progress through the game. There are many enemies and puzzles to solve along the way so you’ll need to keep your wits about you!


#6 Pokemon TD Kanto

After watching the Pokemon of the Kanto region be treated like pets, Mewto, the ever powerful Pokemon telepathically controls the remaining wild Pokemons and makes them attack the humans! Your job is to set up strong defences to push back the evil Pokemon offensive against the human and destroy Mewto before he kills all the humans.


#7 Digimon Adventure (Pokemon Adventure)

Taking your Pokemon to the skies and flying through the air killing all evil Pokemons is what this awesome little game is all about! Hop on the back of your amazing flying Pokemon and soar the skies wiping out all of the dastardly Pokemon before they kill you! You must also collect the flying food to keep your Pokemon going from strength to strength!


#8 Name that Pokemon: Red & Blue

Test your knowledge of the different Pokemon characters by working through silhouettes of each one and then typing the correct names in within the given time! This game is tough and for the true Pokemon lovers out there to see how much they truly know about the genre they love!


#9 Pokemon Rescue

Pokemons are all powerful beings, but sometimes even they need to be rescued from the jaws of evil doers! Take Pikachu out on an adventure through each of the ever difficult levels to save all the lost Pokemons before they are destroyed or lost for ever. Navigate between the puzzles, collecting the lost souls and avoiding the enemies.


10 Pokemon Bike

Pikachu needs to get back to the Pokemon Center quickly, and the only way he can get there is in the front of Ash’s bike! Help Ash speedily ride his bike to the end of each level to safely get Pikachu to his final destination. Ash rides fast so try to control them well and collect all of the bonuses you can along the way!


That’s all we have time for today! We hope you've enjoyed the roundup of awesome Pokemon games, just as much as we have researching and playing the badass games! As always, please leave us some comments below if you have anything to add.


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