The Awesome Gun Game Roundup

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April 23, 2015, 4:25 pm

We hope you're all ready because boy have we got a roundup for you guys today! It’s all about guns, guns and more guns! We've got guns (obviously!) parachutes, rockets, SAS and of course zombies in our list today. So, prepare yourself for a journey through the wonderful world of badass guns!


#1 The Last Stand Union City

When you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse you'll be in sore need of lots of GUNS! When you get back to Union City you find that your beloved town is totally overrun by brain munching zombies! You must battle through the story and work your way through the streets to find other survivors and escape the city before it’s all too late! Be mindful of your surroundings and collect everything you see to help you in your quest.


#2 Thing Thing 4

For all-out crazy gun action, look no further! After gaining your freedom from the evil Systems Corp. you are now out on the streets, but the company hasn’t forgotten about you and is still hunting you down! Start by customising your character and then fight your way through the hordes of bad guys working for Systems Corp. to eventually gain your freedom! The road is long and the fight strong, so stick with it and blast everyone you see to pieces!


#3 GunBlood

In the true spirit of the simple Wild West gunfight, GunBlood is an awesome quick-draw shootout! You must go through each of the rounds by beating your challengers in a Wild West quick draw standoff. Hover your mouse over the chamber until the counter goes to zero and the draw and shoot your opponents quickly, before they shoot you! Make sure they're dead though, because a guy on the ground but still alive can still shoot!


#4 Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst is back with more amazing, blood-hungry adventures! The sequel to proves even more full on the initial game; your enemies have regrouped and once more threatening to take over your planet, so you must take up arms and head out into the world to destroy each and every single bad guy you find! Work through the levels blasting everyone to death and collecting all the weapons and bonuses you can along the way.


#5 Gun Mayhem

This is a fast-paced and gruesome game where anything goes! Customise your character and prepare yourself to be thrust into each of the extreme worlds. Blast your way through the levels by killing each of your opponents before they kill you! The more opponents you kill, the more weapons you get so concentrate and get shooting!


#6 The Gun Game 2

The Gun Game is a badass test of your gun skills, designed for the true gun expert! First, you start off by taking training and then you can move on to take on an awesome job for Fat Bob where you need to take on a simulated hit against a terrorist menace. Take aim carefully and shoot accurately and you'll do well!


#7 SAS Zombie Assault

Stuck in a decrepit, broken-down house during a zombie apocalypse is a tough place to be, but for the SAS it shouldn't be too tough to survive! Help your SAS character survive wave, after wave of evil attacking zombies! Move through the house protecting the walls and building up the defences anywhere the zombies have been attacking. It gets tough maintaining defences and killing all of the zombies at the same time so you have to work fast!


#8 Heli Attack 3

The amazing Heli Attack is back – this time with more badass guns! Parachute into the game and learn the many controls quickly by following the prompts, and then you're on your own and must blast your way through the levels to freedom! Pick up weapons along the way by destroying any and all enemies that get in your way!


#9 Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem

Gun Mayhem is back and it is super-awesome! Just as fast-paced as ever, you're thrust into a world of killing and destruction! Customise your character and head out to fight each of your opponents to the death! The first person to die loses! Things move fast so prepare yourself for a rip roaring hell of a ride!


#10 Zombocalypse

In a zombie apocalypse there is just one rule: Survive! After your Special Forces chopper goes down in zombie infested territory you have to get out into the streets and fight! You aim is to simply survive as long as you possibly can, by blasting all the walking dead to pieces with the air-dropped weapons. Good luck soldier!


That’s all we have for you today! Hopefully you've enjoyed playing the listed games in the Awesome Gun Roundup – we sure have! As always, please leave us some comments below as we love to hear from you all!


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