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May 1, 2015, 12:34 pm

Today we are exploring the awesome catalogue of games from the incredible Agame. These guys have been pumping out amazing games for years and boy do we have a list for you today! Grab a drink, sit back and prepare to be amazed, as we cruise through the Agame vaults!


#1 Destroy all Cars

There is one overriding objective to this game – you’ve guessed it – destroy all the cars! Start by assessing the pile of cars that you'll smash into, then choose the steepness of the ramp, select the car that best suits your needs and finally race your vehicle along the track, off the ramp and smash it into the cars to cause as much damage as possible! What are you waiting for – get destroying!


#2 Uphill Rush 3

Racing vehicles is always fun, but it increases tenfold when you're speeding over city rooftops! Grab the vehicle of your choice and then get ready to race on the city rooftops of an amazing-looking city! There are big ramps all through the tricky courses so you'll need to try and pull off awesome tricks while collecting the money.


#3 Uphill Rush 4

There’s only 1 thing that beats racing on rooftops and that is racing along water slides on rubber rings, jet skis, inflatable dolphins etc.! Start with just the rubber ring and take it out to race on the water, pulling off amazing tricks to amaze the crowds and collect the money. The more money you get, the more upgrades you'll be able to buy between levels!


#4 Arcuz

After hearing of strange things happening to the animals, Arcuz travels to distant lands to investigate. This is where your adventure begins. Travel the Sakara lands and help do battle against the evil forces that dwell there. This is an epic quest that traverses many areas to cleanse them of evil by battling the evil enemies.


#5 Clan Wars: Goblin Forest

After a huge war between Orcs and Humans their goblin slaves were released to freedom where they then took a hold of the lands and started to wreak their own havoc! You fight on the side of the good goblins and must strategically deploy your troops to wipe out your goblin enemies! Playing for longer allows you to send out better and more fierce troops.


#6 King of Drift

In this game you must drive your car quicker than the rest to win races, but you also have to try and earn points by drifting sideways around corners and other competitors! Earn points by skidding further and further each time, until you're practically drifting the entire time! Slip, slide and drift your way to the winner’s podium and take the gold by becoming the King of Drift!


#7 Champions of Chaos

Ever dreamt about fighting to the death in an ancient area? If so, now’s your chance to give it a go! Select and customize your characters then train them up to be fully powerful fighters to win the championship and get revenge on the evil ruler! There’s a lot to keep you buy, from drinking at the tavern to betting on llama fights! There’s even a pet store! Embark on the quest to make the best fighter in all the lands.


#8 Bridge Tactics

Become a demolitions expert and blast bridges fully laden with troops, trucks and tanks to pieces! Place your explosives wisely on each of the structures, wait for the enemy to start crossing then blow the bridge to kingdom come! The least dynamite you use and the most damage you inflict on your enemies the more points you earn! It’s a blast!


#9 My Dear Boss

Everyone has had a really rough day at work where their boss is being a total jerk and all you want to do is kick his ass! Well, now’s your chance! After his boss rudely rejected his new project twice your character storms into the bosses office and your job is to kick the boss as hard as you can to make him fly through the window and out down the street! The further he goes, the more points you get!


#10 Bomb It 4

This is a highly explosive game! Move your customized character around the levels and blow up everything you can, before your opponents do. When some objects are blown up they reveal great bonuses that you must rush back and collect, but be careful of other unexploded bombs because they will blow up and kill your character! There are loads more to be on the look out for, like transporter warps and much more!


That’s the cream of the crop from Agame and we're sure you'll agree there are some classics there! It’s been a blast researching and playing the games and we know you must have enjoyed it too – who wouldn't! As always do leave us some messages below if you have anything to add, we sure do love to hear from you guys!


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