The Ultimate Unity Game Roundup

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May 7, 2015, 4:06 pm

As most have you have no doubt noticed with have a new game format here on HAG and the games coming along are awesome. I am of course talking about the amazing Unity games. With this in mind we thought it would be a good time to round up ten of the best Unity games we have available at HAG for your gaming pleasure. Enjoy!


#1 Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D

This is one of our favourites and a good example of why Unity games are fast becoming so popular! Prepare yourself to be thrust into a zombie infested town, with nothing but a handgun and a wrench and you must survive as long as you possibly can! Fight your way through wave after wave of evil attacking brain munchers and keep going for as long as your man can stay alive!


#2 Broforce

As elite commandos you're sent deep into enemy territories and you must sneak and blast your way through to rescue the prisoners and save the day! Move through hostile lands with you huge guns, blasting any and all bad guys to pieces before they kill you. You aim is to free prisoners, collect bonuses and generally be a badass!


#3 Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest

The Slenderman is back but this time he’s roaming a deep, dark forest looking for his victims! Head out into the trees in search of weapons and any way to protect yourself. Once you're suitably armed it’s time to go on the hunt for the evil Slenderman and kill him! Be warned that just because you kill him it does not mean he’s gone for good!


#4 Dead Blocks

In a blocky world not too far away there’s a zombie apocalypse happening right now, as we speak! Grab a gun and head out into the 3D world to start defending yourself from the hordes of attacking zombies! Move through the levels, looking to weapons and ammunition to defend yourself and remember to constantly be on the look out for the fast moving and vicious walking dead!


#5 Mini Attack : Urban Combat

Become a mini commando guy and get yourself out onto the streets and into the fight! Run through the quick training and then start moving around, taking on missions and wiping out your opponents with ease! There are many guns, grenades and bombs at your disposal so get creative and start taking out other soldiers in new and exciting ways!


#6 Special Strike Zombies

Imagine a world where not only are the zombies trying to kill you, but so are your fellow commandos! Damn! Jump into the shoes of a rogue commando and fight off the waves of evil zombies, but also the other soldiers hell-bent on wiping you out! You start off with some awesome weapons but you will also be able to pick up some heavy firepower during the fight so keep your eyes out and, above all else, KEEP SHOOTING!


#7 Unit 2

Another awesome zombie game to sink your teeth into! Another day, another zombie apocalypse! Hit the streets of a small town and get ready for a fight from the outset! Move quickly through the town as zombies lay in wait everywhere! Keep your gun at hand and move around looking for more weapons and health to help your character survive as long as you possibly can!


#8 Running Fred

You character, Running Fred, is stuck in a nightmare and you must help him escape the clutches of the ghouls chasing him! Fred starts the game running and you must help control him safely through the course all the way to the end of each level. There are lots of hazards to avoid and coins to collect so keep your eye on the end prize and be careful for the traps!


#9 Zombie Strike

In a world infested by zombies, you have one and only one thing that you can do... FIGHT! Pick up your guns and prepare to fight hordes of zombies all coming in different waves! The longer you survive the more weapons you'll get and the more zombies you'll wipe out! There are many places to hide and fight so pick your defensive spot well and you'll last longer!


#10 Highway Rally

It’s been awhile since we've seen a true racing classic and this game truly delivers! It’s all about the serious driving and feeling the road! Select your car and head out onto one of the many tracks to test your driving skills to the limit! Faster wins means more money and better upgrades and new cars! Keep racing and you'll see more levels and cars become available and you'll be hooked!


That’s all we have time for today! We sure hope you all enjoyed our roundup of Unity games, just as much as we enjoyed playing them! Some serious classics here, as you've no doubt noticed! Stick around as we’ll have another badass round up of games next week!


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