The Fantastic Physics Games Roundup

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May 14, 2015, 3:52 pm

Today we will take a wonderful journey into the fantastic world of physics games and all they have to offer. We've explored the HAG vaults for the best and most popular physics games and popped them into a handy list of the ten best, all laid out below for your gaming pleasure. Enjoy!


#1 Cargo Bridge 2

Use your knowledge of physics and construction to design bridges strong enough to allow your cool little workmen to cross and move the cargo back over. Starting with a blank canvas you have to design a bridge that will withstand the weight of the cargo; if it’s not then it will fall down the canyon and you will have to start again!


#2 Kill a Stickman

The object of the game is to kill the stickman at all costs! Use the cannon to interact with the entire environment and solve the puzzles to hopefully kill that sticky chap! You must first understand each of the levels and start with a clear plan of how to solve the puzzles before blasting the cannon at everything in sight!


#3 Angry Birds Space

Those pesky birds are back, but this time they're in space! The goal is to knock all of the grunting pigs off the platforms in the least shots possible. Using the huge catapult, shoot the angry birds at the stacks of pigs to smash them all off of the platforms, as they are just so annoying your life cannot continue with them sitting there, looking at you!


#4 Sugar Sugar 2

This is a refreshing and original style game that we haven't seen too often at HAG. The object is to fill up all of the cups with the sugars that falls from specific points in the writing. Use the drawing tool to help the sugar into all of the cups to complete each level. Things quickly become difficult and you need to be very resourceful to make it through each level.


#5 Hanna in a Choppa 2

Use your skills and brains to solve the puzzles and fly the different vehicles through to the end of each of the increasingly difficult levels. Each vehicle has its own unique properties and you'll need to master these to make it through the levels smoothly, without blowing anything up and dying! Time is of the essence but don’t let that make you crash!


#6 Gumball Blind Fooled

The Gumball kids are up to their stupid games again and this one might well be the strangest yet! 2 of the friends are blindfolded and as the cheeky little rabbit your goal is to unite them both by solving the puzzles to enable them to walk into each other. Move around the levels arranging objects and solving puzzles to help the 2 blindfolded friends bump into each other.


#7 Wake Up The Box 4

Humpty Dumpty is back but this time he’s a square box and instead of putting him back together again, you must knock him off his platform! Use the creation tool to make shapes that are able to travel through the levels and wake up the box and knock him waaay off his platform! Soon you'll be creating multiple shapes to fill gaps and create ramps, all in the effort to wake up the box!


#8 Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground

The sheep are lost and are a long way from home and you must help them find their way! There are three sheep in total and you must guide each of them through the tricky levels through to the exit point and on to the next puzzle. Each of the sheep have their own skills and you must plan your way through each puzzle before starting.


#9 Euro 2012 Euphoria

Test your football mettle by striking the balls to make them fly through the puzzles and into the goal! Choose your shots wisely and then blast the balls through the levels to score goals! You must use all the environment to your advantage and bounce the ball off many surfaces to score, so give each hit some thought before smacking the ball and missing the goal!


#10 Medieval Magic

The art of magic was invented in medieval times and so it makes sense that this is the setting for your introduction to the wonderful world of magic! You must combine the matching elements quickly, before they rise up and overflow! Use the mouse to quickly click all of the matching boxes before the bubble up and burst out of the top!


That’s all we have for the physics game roundup today! We sure hope you've enjoyed this write up as much as we have playing the games! As always leave us some comments below if you have anything to add – anything at all! Take care.


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