The Amazing Airport Games Roundup

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May 21, 2015, 4:13 pm

In honour of all the amazingly busy airports and all the hard work they put in we've decided to dedicate an entirely badass roundup to them! Airports are busy places with lots going on, which means excitement and great places to set cool games! Sit back as we explore the airports of the world and all the fun and danger that goes on within them!


#1 Airport Tower Defense

Starting off with a classic Tower Defence game seems a good way to get the ball moving! You're in control of the airport’s runways and you must protect it from the rogue airplanes trying to take the place down! Strategically choose and place your defensive guns along the path of the attacking airplanes to stop them from passing and making it passed! Remember to upgrade your weaponry to keep the threats at bay!


#2 Airport Madness 4

Become an air traffic controller and get pushing tin through the skies! Start directing air traffic through to the correct runways and then command the airplanes all over the airport – from taxiing to runways, refuelling and eventually taking off! Things get very busy real quick so start slowly and keep your eye on the game because the last thing you need is for airplanes to crash and the passengers die!


#3 Airport Madness: Time Machine

After falling through the floorboard of your control tower you’re transported back in time to an era where the airplanes hard 4 wings! Get set into the olden style of air traffic control and help the pilots land, disembark, refuel and take off again! Run a successful old style airport by receiving and sending off many happy customers!


#4 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Airport Edition

Being at an airport is quite convenient if you have a death wish with only 5 minutes spare to kill yourself! Get yourself into the typical airport and use the objects and environment around you to swiftly kill your character off, as quickly as you possibly can! You'll need to work hard to kill your character off as he is a tough chap! If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again!


#5 Airport Tycoon

Creating a successful airport is difficult and it’s very big business! Run your airport like a true money-spinning venture by upgrading certain parts, building amazing restaurants and mainly making happy travellers! You goal is to generate as much money as possible while striking a good balance between corporate advance and customer satisfaction!


#6 Airport Mania 2

More airport management here, this time with emphasis on visually assigning runways for the cool little airplanes to land on! Guide the airplanes from the skies down to the correct runways, then allow the passengers to disembark and send the planes off up the runways back into the air as quickly as possible. Get them in and send them off quickly while avoiding any crashes!


#7 JFK Airport Parking

Pilots get a lot of the fun at airports but also the drivers that drive the passengers from the terminals up to the airplanes have a great time too! Your job is to pick up the passengers from the terminals and take them right up to their airplanes so they can fly off on holidays without delay! Drive smoothly and avoid crashing to get good reports from travellers and hopefully promotions to drive faster and cooler vehicles!


#8 Airport Shootout

A terrorist situation in an airport can be a scary thing and that’s when you need the help of the awesome SWAT teams to bust in and start blasting! As a SWAT team member you must work through the different areas of the airport, blasting the terrorists down before they kill you or any innocent people! Grab your gun and head into the airport to take aim and pick off the bad guys before they rampage and escape!


#9 Miami Airport Parking

Miami is a massive and busy airport with passengers needing to get from the terminals to their airplanes – and quickly! Hop in your cool bus and drive around the airport taking the passengers to their airplanes so they can fly off safely. Use the GPS map to help you around and be careful as you are able to drive off onto the runways and you can easily cause huge crashes and we really don't want that!


#10 Airport Security

For our final game today we are looking at security and controlling the guards and searching suspicious-looking individuals that might be carrying drugs or even worse! You are tasked with controlling the security section at a busy airport and you must be constantly vigilant and keep your eyes out for suspicious behaviour. Decide how long people will stay in the x-ray and then send them over to pass security but again decide who will and won't be searched!


We've been all round the airports and explored every aspect of them – what a roundup! We hope you've enjoyed playing these just as much as we have, and if you've got anything to add or contribute at all don't forget to leave us some comments below! We sure do love to hear from you folks so keep up the regular input!


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