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May 28, 2015, 3:33 pm

Taxi drivers get a hard time from most of us, but did you ever stop to consider how cool their job could be! In honour of the taxi around the world we have taken the time to round up 10 of the absolute best taxi-related games the internet has to offer! Get in your cab and start your engine because we have a rip-roaring rollercoaster of a list for you today!


#1 Sim Taxi 3

Help out the out of luck taxi rank owner and earn big bucks along the way! Jump in the taxi and speed around towns, picking up fares and making money. If you're quick and don't crash you'll make crazy money real quick, just remember to follow the GPS to save time and avoid accidents! When you've earned enough case you'll be able to spend out on cool new upgrades for the taxi to go faster and look better!


#2 Ace Gangster Taxi Metroville City

After leaving jail you gotta get on the straight and narrow before the man busts you up for something petty! Get involved and bail out a gangster friend whose taxi rank is almost out of cash by getting in the car and cruising around town at high speeds to pick up and drop off fares to save the business and make you mad money. After saving up enough cash you'll be able to pimp your taxi to attract more fares and make more money.


#3 Crazy Taxi Game

Sometimes it’s all about getting down the road as quickly as possible by any means at all! Race down the busy highway avoiding the other cars by swerving or jumping them! Whiz past as many cars as you can in the least time possible without crashing and you'll be earning big bucks in no time at all! Taxi!


#4 Sim Taxi

First day at a new job is often tough, especially when you have no training! The first day of your new job you must get in the taxi and start driving! Wait for the boss to call and give you a fare then race across town to pick the passengers up and drop them off where they want to go by using the awesome GPS. You must keep an eye on the gas level though because if it gets too low you'll have to refill!


#5 Sim Taxi 2

Walking around a car showroom you find the car of you can't afford it! Then a nice guy suggests you go and work for him driving taxis and you'll easily earn the money for your dream car easily! Keeping an eye on your gas level cruise town taking passengers to their destinations, just avoid crashing too often or your car will fall to pieces and you'll never earn enough money!


#6 New York Taxi License

Driving a taxi is cool, but driving a taxi in New York City is amazing! Before you can hit the streets you must pass the test to get your licence and that takes some serious hard work! Get in your taxi and drive through each of the different parts of the test to the designated spots to obtain the coveted NYC taxi license! Be careful as a single little crash will set you back to the beginning of each level!


#7 Taxi Driver Challenge 2

Take on the awesome challenge of being a cool taxi driver! Cruise through city streets looking for fares to drop at their destinations to make good money to upgrade your taxi to a badass supercar capable of going so fast you'll find it hard to stop! Monitor your car’s damage and fuel at all times to keep on top of the job and keep it on the road!


#8 Taxi Driver

Being a taxi driver is a great job, especially when you're given amazingly fast cars to drive! Blaze around the city at high speeds, grabbing people and taking them wherever they want to go at high speeds! Keep ripping around the city picking up fares and you'll have money enough to upgrade your vehicle to something a little more badass and eventually you'll be ripping around in an amazing supercar!


#9 Sim Taxi New York

New York is famous for its cool yellow taxi – and now you get to drive one! Race around the city streets looking for fares and dropping them off at their stops before the time is up and without hitting anything! The faster you get there the more you'll earn, but hit too many things and you'll soon be getting chased down the streets by the police! Drive smoothly for customer satisfaction and maximum cash!


#10 Sim Taxi Lotopolis City

The last in our list of cool taxi games involves you whizzing round the crazy streets of Lotopolis! Make your way through the mean streets collecting fares and, more importantly, money! Carefully drive your taxi through the streets, picking up people and dropping them wherever it is they want to go without crashing into anything or anyone! The police will be on the lookout for any dodgy driving and will give you chase if you're bad driving catches their eye so play it safe to make extra cash and buy cool upgrades!


That’s all we have for you today! We hope you've enjoyed cruising the list today, we sure had fun researching and writing it! If you've got anything to add just leave us some comments below, as we sure do love to hear what you guys have to say!


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