The Amazing Animal Games Roundup

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June 4, 2015, 3:16 pm

When animals get involved things tend to get crazy and wild very quickly! That’s why we thought it a good idea to bring together an amazing animal game roundup so you can experience the animal madness first-hand! Strap in and get yourselves ready for some wild mayhem with creatures of all sorts and sizes!


#1 Animal RaceWay

Starting off strong is always good and that’s why we get the ball rolling with the (hopefully) fast-paced Animal Raceway! Start by selecting and customising your cool character and then get him started on a rigorous training regime of smashing burgers with a huge hammer. When you feel your guy is ready head to the track to race against all manner of other animals and hopefully snatch defeat from the jaws of victory... wait, what?


#2 Farm Mania 2

Running a successful farm is hard work, you have to sow the seeds, grow the plants and then eventually take them to the market to sell! Fulfil the quotas in each of the levels to get the good to market and sold! The quicker you send out the goods the more money you'll make so get your skates on and farm!


#3 Farm Frenzy American Pie

Farms are always full of whacky animals and Farm Frenzy sure has its fair share! Start with a small farm on the outskirts of town and manage it well to get the required good off into town to sell at the market! You have to manage the area well by planting feed for the animals but also selective choosing the right amounts of each animal to have. You always need to keep your eyes peeled for any wild animals that might come along to eat your livestock too!


#4 Animal Shelter

Help run a vibrant and happy animal shelter for the lovable little animals that are unfortunate enough to live there! Feed, heal and play with all the animals to keep a clean and relaxed animal shelter. You must tend to all the animals and their individual needs, just remember not to have favourites and forget about others or they’ll feel neglected and will start falling ill. Treat all fairly and well to progress far.


#5 Animal War

After a nuclear holocaust the human race is wiped out, with only the animals surviving. There’s just one thing... there have mutated after being exposed to the nuclear blasts and now they're crazy big and scarier than ever! Choose the mutated animal army you'd like to fight with and then head out around America to take turns waging war against other mutated animal armies!


#6 Animal Hunter 3D

Nothing beats a good hunt! The suspense and patience needed to make a good clean kill is all such a thrill! Take note of the prey you need to hunt and then head out into the wilderness to hide in the bushes and wait for the animal to come into your sights, take aim and shoot! Be sure to aim well, as every shot needs to be precise and the kill needs to be swift and accurate!


#7 Angry Animals

You've heard of and loved Angry Birds but here’s there bigger and scarier relations, the Angry Animals! The game play is very similar to the Angry Birds series but the characters are far more wild! You need to start each level by assessing the structures to the right and give some thought to how it can be destroyed and where the weak points are. When you're ready pop some animals into the catapult, pull back the weapon and let them fly across the screen towards the structures at high speeds to knock everything down to the ground!


#8 Animal Hunter 3D Africa

The Animal Hunter series is back for another round, but this times it’s set in the wild savannas of Africa! This country is renowned for plentiful and diverse wildlife and is the absolute pinnacle of hunting! Move around the country and get into the wildlife to lay and wait for your animals to come close enough to shoot! The skilled hunter only needs one shot so let’s see how well you can shoot!


#9 Animal Hunter

Hunting is only ever real when using ancient methods like the bow and arrow! In this game you must stealth through the forest seeking out all manner of animals to draw back your bow and release to kill as many of the birds, rabbits and other animals you can in the given time. Every time an animal is shot down you'll be given extra time so keep shoot for more time to hunt!


#10 Animal TD

Keeping animals in check can be tough, especially without clear and big fences to stop them wandering around causing mayhem! In this awesome game your job is to stop the animals escaping by building strategic defences along their route of escape. The defences not only stop them but should shoot them down, hopefully before they get passed and run to freedom! None shall pass!


That’s all we have for the Amazing Animal Games Roundup today! We've had a wild time and we hope you've all enjoyed reading about and playing the badass games! As always, do leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add – we sure do love to hear what you guys have to say!


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