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July 13, 2014, 8:11 am

If you looking to get lost in a game for a while, then the RPG genre is clearly your best option! They enable you to step into a character’s life, take control of their actions and either cause mayhem or help them progress and earn money. There are so many RPGs out there and it was difficult to whittle it down to just ten that we think best, but please see below for the list of the 10 best. Enjoy!


#1 Monsters Den Chronicles

Fancy embarking on an ancient quest doing battle with swords and magic? If so, then consider the gauntlet thrown down! In this epic RPG you’ll need to recruit your merry band of men and navigate through the lands, infiltrate the castle find out what the Cult of the Outward Path are hiding!


#2 Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks

Minecraft is back, this time in 2D! This game is excellent fun and hard to walk away from - a sure-fire lunchtime hit! The aim is to help your Minecraft explorer around a huge new Minecraft world, slaying animals, carrying out tasks and basically having the run of the place! Happy mining!


#3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The name kind of says it all really, an epic battle fantasy RPG! Do battle with more than 70 different and challenging monsters, just remember to select the right equipment for each one to come out victorious. The right tool for the job is definitely needed! Working through the game you’ll pick up new skills and magic to help to help you battle.


#4 Death Row

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of someone on death row? Well now’s your chance to help save a death row prisoner from the chair! The goal of this game is to help reform your prisoner to stop him from being put to death, and hopefully pardoned. The faster you can get him back on the streets the more points you get. Just don’t drop that soap…


#5 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Do you like Pokeman…and RPGs? Boy, do we have your back! This right here is a Pokeman RPG game so you’ll get to live the Pokeman life! Listen to Professor Oak’s guidance to help develop your very own team of Pokemans to do battle with evil forces wherever you meet them. Good luck catching them all!


#6 Jumpers for Goalposts

With the World Cup ongoing at the minute, who doesn't want to be a pro footballer playing for their country? Now’s your chance to help a would-be pro footie player work his way up through the ranks to become world renown star and eventually pay for his country at a World Cup final!


#7 Sim Taxi 3

Driving a taxi isn't as easy as it looks! The aim of the game is to pick up fares, make money, buy new cars and prosper! Play the Sim Taxi 3 for excellent gameplay, graphics and general good fun, just try to avoid the long arm of the law if you do something illegal!


#8 Sonny 2 Version 2.2

Ever heard of a zombie slayer that is a zombie? Well, meet Sonny. Waking on a ship with nothing but a tape given to him by a blind man who promptly dies, your goal is to make Sonny team up with other zombies and find out what’s on the tape and how it will help the quest.


#9 Douchebags Chick

Douchebags are the worst, especially douchebag chicks! In this game you'll get to play the role of a douchebag chick and turn a plain girl into a nightmarish mix of fake jewellery, plastic surgery and bad hair! You need to turn her usually fulfilling life into pretentious games and party organising.


#10 Feudalism 3

The world has fallen into darkness and a feudal state has emerged, where 5 main clans rule the world, all with their own particular fighting style. You must choose your allegiance and help fight with your chosen clan to overall victory!  


That’s it for the roundup of the 10 best RPG games. We hope you've enjoyed reading this through and truly hope you find the games interesting enough to try! As always, if you have any input for us, please leave some comments below.


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