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June 11, 2015, 3:55 pm

Today we are looking at the best of the best games that the amazing Arcade Town games have released! Over the years they have worked tirelessly putting out amazing and classic titles and we thought it a good idea to round them up and present them to you guys in a neat little package! Enjoy!


#1 Duck Life

After your totally awesome farm is destroyed by a huge and powerful tornado all you have left to your name is a tiny little duck egg. Your goal is to let the duck hatch and train the little guy up to be the best racer ever and to enter races! Take the yellow chap through the different types of training to shape him into the best duck racer around and then take part in races to prove him as the fastest duck in all the lands.


#2 Feudalism 2

Endless adventure awaits in Feudalism 3! Select your strong character and head out into an ancient world of heroes and great evils to do battle with a great many enemies! Using the selected weapons you must shoot and cut your way through the hordes of bad guys to make it to the end of your epic quest.


#3 Endless War 1, 2 & 3

Test your mettle in this all-out game of war! Select your warzone and weapons then get ready to be thrust into a ferocious gunfight with bullets flying everywhere! Move quickly through the battlefield wiping out your enemies, dodge bullets and all manner of attacks to wipe out all of the bad guys quickly! There are sneaky bonuses throughout each level which will help so keep your eyes peeled!


#4 Endless War Defense

Get entrenched in a full-blown battle by commanding your troops to victory over invading forces! Set your defences strategically and wisely to repel the attacking army and prevent them from breaking through your lines! After a while you can continue work building more defensive structures and upgrading existing ones to make sure that not one single soldier gets through!


#5 Feudalism 3

Select your allegiance and then follow the epic story as it unfolds to reveal unexpected results! Become a commander in an elite ancient guard and defend the royals from the evil forces trying to gain control of the lands. You must make important decisions and command yourself and your men in battle to overcome any and all odds to become the heroes of the kingdom!


#6 Endless War 5

The amazing series is back for another crazy episode! Europe is in the grips of the worst war it has ever seen and you must get involved to stop Hitler’s evil forces from taking over the whole continent - and eventually the world! This time you’re a tank commander and you must cruise through the battlefields taking aim and blasting the Nazis to pieces before they wipe out you and your troops!


#7 Endless War 7

Endless War is back and this time you have no choice but to fight on the side of Hitler! Commanding another amazing tank you have to drive through WW2 battlefields blasting opponents to bits before they spot you and destroy you! This is a fast-paced game from the outset and you’ll need to think fast but shoot faster! Good luck and show those Americans what they are up against!


#8 Monster Evolution

This is a true monster of a game in every sense! Crazy monsters have landed on earth and they seem happy to eat their way through the population! The more they eat the more they can evolve and become bigger and scarier! Become one of these monsters and wonder city streets devouring all the humans you can in your quest to evolve into something truly hideous!


#9 The New World

The New World awaits in this incredible journey on the seven sea through times of old! After the King and Queen of Spain give you access to any ship in their navy you have to set out on a voyage of adventure and discovery! Your job is to make important life or death decisions to navigate your boat and control the crew, just be careful to keep the men happy or they'll mutiny and leave you adrift in a row boat tom die!


#10 Endless War 6

Finishing on a strong game we decided to have Endless War 7 to round us off! Fighting for the Red Army you must command a huge Russian tank to cruise the battlefield looking for any and all enemies to blast to kingdom come! The Russian tanks are big but the Germans are faster so you must strategically outmanoeuvre them and shoot them to bits for victory!


That’s all we have for the Arcade Town Games roundup! We hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have playing and researching them! As always if you have anything to add just leave us some comments below and we'll take it all on board! Thanks for taking the time to read through to the end!


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