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June 19, 2015, 2:26 am

There’s one genre of games that rules all others and simply can’t be taken down... the classic beat em up! With this in mind we’ve taken the time to research and roundup 10 of the absolute best games from this genre that the internet has to offer! Sit back, put your feet up and prepare for an amazing journey through the realms of beating stuff up!


#1 Mike Shadow I Paid for it

Have you ever put your money into a vending machine and the damned thing just goggled it up without giving you your soda?! If so, now’s your chance to get your revenge on the scourge of the vending machine by kicking the living hell out one until it breaks to pieces revealing its precious goodies kept inside. Help the furious Mike Shadow smash up vending machines in one-on-one battles to the death!


#2 Super Smash Flash

Start this epic battle game by selecting the type of game you want to play and then choosing craziest character that best suits your fighting style. Once you’re all set you must head out into the arenas of death to fight opponents and beat them off of the platforms so they fall to their death!


#3 Electric Man 2

The epic Electric Man is back for a second helping of awesome bet em up action! Become the fast and powerful Electric Man and do battle against hordes of crazy robots hell-bent on trying to kill him! Start by going through the training to master to cool moves and then head out into the arenas to fight! Using combinations of moves inflicts more damages and looks amazing so try to put moves together for extra effect!


#4 Combat Tournament

Enter a tournament of destruction and death to become the victorious one left standing at the end! Start by selecting your awesome character and then prepare yourself for amazing fighting with many opponents! You will be thrust into the arena and you’ll have to learn power moves quickly to survive so get fighting and stay strong!


#5 Interactive Buddy

If you’re feeling frustrated and want to destroy something or someone – you’ve come to the right place! Create your blobby characters, preferably someone you hate, and then proceed to shoot, stab, burn and beat the annoying creep to death! The more imaginative you are, the more points you’ll earn to buy new weapons and upgrades to make things even more extreme!


#6 Dad n Me

Dads are cool, especially if they teach you to fight and defend yourself. Some may go a little over the top on the defence though and teach their sons to go out beating up and maiming other kids! Your character’s dad is a mean guy and he expects you to wander through the playgrounds and streets beating the crap out of every single kid you see! Move through the town beating everyone up and pulling off awesome combos along the way for extra points!


#7 Madness Interactive

After someone steals your last pie things get serious! Alone and unarmed you become wild and un predictable and head out into the streets spoiling for a fight! Starting with just your fists you must kill others and steal their weapons until you’re fully armed and wiping out your attackers swiftly! Everyone is an enemy so stay on your toes and attack first!


#8 Super Fighters Rampage

Nothing in the world gets angrier than a stickman! In this slick-looking quick game you start by selecting your awesome characters from a list of truly badass gents, and then you set out into the areas of death to fight other evil fighters until you’re the only one left alive. Pull amazing combos to amaze the crowds and destroy your opponents swiftly and with style.


#9 King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION

If you have some time free on your lunch break and you love to play classic fighting games then this could be for you! Choose your character and then head into an amazing tournament where you have to fights progressively difficult opponents until you are the only man alive and the true victor! Stick with your best character and learn their moves to help you in your quest for glory and fame.


#10 Mortal Kombat Karnage

The classic game that almost spawned an entire genre is back with more amazing fighting action! No beat ‘em up roundup could be complete without the ultimate Mortal Kombat game so we thought we’d go out strong! Select your crazy-cool character and then get involved in the competition of death! Fight your way through the ranks of combatants, pulling awesome moves to wipe them out swiftly and progress through the next fight!


That’s all we have time for today! We sure hope you guys enjoy the roundup as much as we did creating it! As always, it’s been a blast and if you have any comments or anything to add at all just leave us something in the box below. We sure do love to hear from you guys.


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