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June 25, 2015, 3:49 pm

Nothing beats a game that involves a bladed weapon. The skill and stealth needed to wield a knife or sword puts the weapon many grades higher than a gun and if you master it then you’re ninja skills will become far greater! Prepare yourself to become a true master of bladed weapons and embark on epic journeys through mythical lands!


#1 BladeHaven

After being thrust into greatness by a dying soldier you must prove yourself to be the true hero you really are! Start by going through extensive training and then head out on a truly epic quest to slay evil doers and bring justice to the world! Fight opponents using your sword and eventually magic to progress and become a just ruler.


#2 Dragon Fist 2: Battle For The Blade

Select your warrior and choose your weapon of choice before joining a tournament where you must fight other opponents to the death in the hope of winning the famous blade and becoming the strongest fighter in the world! Use your fighter’s skill to your advantage to overcome a destroy all of your contenders and you'll soon be the most feared warrior in the entire known world!


#3 Blade Rush

Use your ninja styles to jump and sneak through levels and sneak up on enemies without them noticing to swiftly take them down with your awesome blade! Jump around the levels using the environment to help aid you in your quest to stealth kill all the bad guys and make it out through to the next level!


#4 Blade Striker

Blades of a different kind are involved in this awesome epic... chopper blades! Pilot an amazing helicopter through enemy territory to complete missions to help out the civilian population. Helping the good guys can be difficult though, especially when the bad guys are there shooting big guns and rocket launchers at you so stay calm, fly well and shoot down all the baddies you find!


#5 Blade Rampage

An evil forces of warriors has befallen your land and you must use your totally epic ninja skills to fight back against the evil dudes, rescue the people and restore balance and peace to the lands. Starting with humble beginnings your warrior ninja soon learns new skills and becomes a force to be feared and reckoned with! The fate of your people is in your hands to fight – and fight well!


#6 Blade of Innocence

In the days of old when kings ruled huge lands and controlled the people with the sword, castles were vital and every good lord had his mighty structure! Become the king of an amazing castle and create a huge army to deploy onto the battlefield and wipe out your enemies swiftly! Start by developing and then send your troops out to attack and sack opposing castles before they invade and destroy your lands!


# 7 Jedi vs Jedi Blades of Light

The ultimate movie fight is now available on HAG and you are now able to use the amazing blades of light, that is the Jedi lightsabers, to duel another Jedi knight! Select which Jedi you wish to be and then head into the arena for the intergalactic Jedi Knight training against another warrior! You can also choose between the dark and the light side so choose wisely and be mindful of the force.


#8 Rage Blade

Prepare yourself for the battle of a lifetime with no rest and only more waves of attackers! You will be thrust into a strange land and must quickly learn the ways of the sword to do battle against the many enemies that will surely rush and slay you before you can even think! Sharpen your sword and prepare for epic battle against wave after wave of blood-thirsty warrior!


#9 Souichiro Blademaster

After your village is razed to the ground you run out of your house to face the attackers head on! Confront the ninja soldiers and kill each and every one of them before freeing your friends and progressing on to the next level. Keep fighting and you will learn more skills to help you in your amazing quest to free your lands from evil and restore true Zen back to the people.


#10 Switchblade - Top Secret

Enter an elite government project to fly top secret aircraft in restricted zones and wipe out the threats - before they kill you! Hop into your secretive craft and speed through the air at high speeds to search and destroy the competition before they even get a shot off! You have the advantage of an advanced aircraft and so you are able to outrun and outmanoeuvre the opponents so will surely be victorious!


That’s all we have for this awesome roundup today! We hope you enjoyed reading through and playing the epic games we found for you today, we sure did! As always, do leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add – we do love to hear from you guys!


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