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July 2, 2015, 10:24 am

In the days of old when kings and queens ruled the lands, life was simple and fighting was awesome! Here at HAG we love a good monarch, with all the pomp celebration of ruling over a huge kingdom, guiding it towards its destiny of greatness! We've rounded up 10 of the best games that involve kingdoms and knightly pursuits to keep you guys entertained and geared up to play the highest games in all the lands


#1 Kingdom Rush

Your kingdom is under attack from nasty goblins and your job is to wipe them out before they make it too far into your lands and kill your people! Build defensive structures and deploy troops in the field of battle to take on and wipe out the goblin invasion! Strategically build your structure to cause maximum damage while providing good defence against attack too!


#2 SwordFall Kingdoms

Fight battles and expand your territories in the olden days of Europe! Start by selecting your allegiance and then take your country to war by battling neighbours and winning to conquer new lands and expand your empire! Them more lands you control, the more powerful your and your armies are so keep fighting and soon you'll rule the whole of ancient Europe!


#3 Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The awesome Kingdom Rush is back and this time it’s more violent than ever! Your distant lands are under attack again, but this time it’s foreign fighters trying to invade and conquer your kingdom and rule over your people! Defend the structures but strategically building your defences and deploying your troops wisely to repel any and all attacks from the invading forces! Don’t back down!


#4 Guard Of The Kingdom

Think fast and protect you king from the waves of attacking monsters! Strategically place your defending troops along the route of the invading monsters to strike them down and prevent them from passing! More money to buy and deploy more soldiers can be made by killing the bad guys so step up and wipe out as many attacking soldiers as you possibly can!


#5 Nano Kingdoms 2 - Jokers Revenge

Take your time to learn the basics and then head out into the lands to defend your castle from all enemies! Become the king of an awesome realm and defend your lands from the attacking foes by building an amazing army and sending the troops out to fight wonderful battles for you and your people! Different buildings create different soldiers so build a varied and interesting town and you'll have a fighting force to be reckoned with! 


#6 Age of Kingdom

Starting from nothing, build a thriving and successful town of ogres! Any good town needs to defend itself so when you have good buildings you can start training and creating a huge army to fight off any intruders that may come to take what you and your people have worked so hard for! Create an amazing and intricate town with all manner of warriors and soldiers to defend it from evil attacking forces!


#7  Nano Kingdoms

In a battle of 3 planets the Nano Kingdom, ruled by Henry Smiley, is set against all else to defend its lands and eventually world against the attacking evil forces! Become the magnanimous leader, Henry, and build a town of structures and then a strong army to defend it from attack. It is often said that a good defence is a strong offence so once you have your army take to the war path and go out looking for a fight! Conquer and win to expand your lands and prevent them from being invaded! 


#8 Lollipop Kingdom (Full)

When you were young, the playground was your kingdom, complete with good guys, bad guys and knights too! In this game you are a young lad at the beach and it is very much your kingdom, but it’s being invaded by nasty bullies with strange makeshift weapons and armour! Defend your area and move through the beach beating the hell out of all the bullies and expanding your realm until you've taken the entire beach!


#9 Kingdom Days Sim Date

After being rescued from an orphanage by her true parents, the king and queen, the star of this young romance game grows up pleasantly until her castle is invaded by an attacking army and she has to flee! Follow the story of young love in an medieval land and choose the options as you progress to change the story and allow their love to grow. Eventually, if you play your cards right, you can both become king and queen!


#10 Three Kingdoms Defense

Defend the three Chinese kingdoms from the attacking monsters! Start by assessing your battleground and then decide how and when you deploy your specialist soldiers to repel any and all attacks! Strategically build your defences well to stop the invaders in their tracks and crush them with your superior forces! You can either wait until they start attacking or place your soldiers beforehand in a bid to stop the invasion before it takes root!


That’s all we have for the awesome kingdom game roundup today! We sure hope you've enjoyed playing and reading about the games as we have creating the roundup! If you have anything to add at all don't hesitate to leave us some comments below and contribute to the discussion. Until the next time, kind sir...


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