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July 9, 2015, 3:28 pm

To cheer up all those stuck in dreary offices around the world, we thought it would be good to round up 10 of the best office games available on HAG for your gaming pleasure! So, prepare to relieve your office boredom for a short while by reading about and playing some amazing office games from the HAG archives.


#1 Nerd Vs Zombies 2: The Office Nightmare

During the zombie apocalypse the worst place to be is in an office building and the worst person to be is a nerd! Prove the jocks wrong by helping the office nerd defend himself from the hordes of attacking zombie office workers with the awesome weapons provided. Starting with a humble baseball bat you're soon upgraded to an AK and it only get better from there so keep firing!


#2 Naughty Office

For all those working in an office with a hot chick and you've tried everything to get near her, this game is for you! Complete the cool tasks to make the beautiful CEO lady leave her private office, come out to work with you and hopefully start removing her clothes! Keep combining objects to make things get hotter and encourage her to strip!


#3 Office Rage

If you've ever experienced the rage of working at an office and dealing with the endless crap then you need to check this game out! Your office dude is calmly working away when he flips out and you must make him go on a crazy rampage through the office destroying as much of the furniture and stuff you can in the selected time! Show no mercy to the office and smash everything to pieces!


#4 Office Lover Kiss

Getting some office loving can often be tough, especially when the boss keeps hanging around and being annoying! Wait for the boss to get distracted and then sneak over to steal as many kisses from your office lover as you possibly can without getting caught! The last thing you need is for the boss to find out about your budding office romance so keep things on the down low and don't get caught kissing!


#5 Death Office

The big boss at the Death Office is deadest on not paying the stupid puppets their monthly salaries so he has decided to enlist your help to kill all of the puppet workers instead of giving them any money! Use all of the various tools, weapons and objects within the environment to take down all of the greedy employees and save the Death Company loads and loads of money!


#6 Office Jam

This is another soon-to-be classic Unity game, with all the cool graphics and gameplay that make the format so good. When you arrive at work you find that the business has changed from making crates to building lasers, and the boss has drugged all the employees to make them work better! Head into the building and shoot your way through all the zombie-like workers to confront your idiot boss!


#7 Office Rush

What would you do if you looked out of your office window and noticed that the building was being attacked by vicious robots? In this game you must protect your office building from the evil robots hell-bent in destroying the building and all its contents! Arm up and shoot the robots to pieces before they bring down the structure – with you inside.


#8 Anna in the Office

Anna the office hottie is bored at work and really can't be bothered with doing any work at all! Your job is to help Anna do anything except the work she is being paid to do, just make sure the boss doesn't spot you doing nothing! Become the master procrastinator and, while avoiding the boss’ gaze, help Anna avoid doing anything even remotely productive.


#9 Office Slacking 8

Another slacker of a game here! Help the cunning Sarah prepare for her awesome weekend Easter party during office hours! Prepare things for the party, like eggs, decorations etc but just make sure the nasty boss doesn't catch you! Avoid getting caught by the boss while you slyly prepare for the crazy and cool party this weekend.


#10 Office Mini-Golf

When bored in the office most people will do absolutely anything to pass the time, even playing... golf? Set up mini-golf courses on your desk and hit the balls around to put them in the holes in the least shots possible! Play by yourself, with a friend or against the computer and hit the tiny golf balls around the desks to hopefully get holes in one every time!


That’s it for the office games roundup today! As always, it’s been a total blast researching and writing this cool list of games for you all. We sure hope you enjoyed reading about and playing the badass boredom-busting games as much as we did! If you have anything at all to add, don't hesitate to leave us some comments below. Until the next time...


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