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July 16, 2015, 12:39 pm

In honour of all the construction projects worldwide and all the amazing things they are building, we thought it would be the perfect time to round up 10 of the best construction-related games available to mankind. Get your hardhat and steel toecap boots on as we get involved in the best construction games in the business! The only way is up!


#1 Construction Tycoon

In the construction business there is huge competition for land and profits! Start from scratch and build an amazing town, complete with houses, hotels and much more! Developer the properties quickly to win the race against another eager construction tycoon and become the most powerful businessmen in town!


#2 Construction Sabotage War

Race to build a huge empire of properties by taking over the land and constructing amazing buildings to rent out for big profits! This time, as well as putting up new structures, you can go out and sabotage your opponent's buildings and destroy their profits and all they've worked for! Be careful though as they can also level; your hard-won empire too, so build fast and sabotage quicker!


#3 DeConstruction 2

Instead of building structures, in this game you need to bring down buildings with wild explosives! Move the cool little robot through the levels, planting powerful bombs around the buildings to blow them to pieces and bring them below the designated rubble line. It’s a lot east bringing them down that putting them up!


#4 3D Construction Car

Getting around construction sites can be tough, especially the larger sites with multiple levels! The object of this cool little game is to drive the three dimensional car along the tricky construction tracks and try to avoid falling off into the abyss! Cruise along the tracks and steer the car well to stay within the boundaries and make it all the way through to the end of each the increasingly difficult levels.


#5 Construction Empire

Get into a big race with a competing property developer and build the biggest and most successful construction empire in town! Quickly monopolise the land in the new town to build amazing buildings to rent out and become the richest and most powerful construction baron around! Use your wealth and influence to make new land deals and upgrade your properties to make more and more money!


#6 DeConstruction

More destruction and construction, in this awesome game you must destroy the buildings by strategically planting and detonating bombs around the base of the structures to blast them to kingdom come! Using the least explosives possible bring the structures down to below the red dotted line to complete each level and beat the game!


#7 Construction Fall

Bring down the mighty stacks of matches and other awesome materials by shooting the handy balls of wood, steel of stone at them. Fire the projectiles around the screen to solve the puzzles and destroy the flimsy structures in the least shots possible! Show your destructive side and smash the structure to pieces, just be aware of the environment and use other objects to help you in your quest.


#8 Under Construction Racing

Race awesome super cars along roads that are still under construction to chase down and eliminate the specified targets before either they get away or your car is destroyed! Speed along the dangerous roads and avoid the unfinished parts to catch the bad guys before they speed off into the sunset! Be sure to drive carefully as your car is not indestructible and will eventually explode!


#9 Construction Breaker

More destruction and mayhem again in this all-out crazy adventure into how to bring a structure to its knees in seconds! Using the least swipes possible, cut the buildings down to size with your amazing tool! The aim is to bring all the parts of the structures down below the line using the least moves and least time possible, so get involved and start destroying the stacks of blocks now!


#10 Catastrophic Construction 2

Construct gravity-defying structures to keep the small blue square in the dotted area in the sky! Use your brain to solve the progressively difficult puzzles and then hone your patience and skill while stacking the objects strategically to keep the blue box in the designated area until the timer is satisfied. Take your time and build your structures wisely and you'll be winning in no time at all!


That’s it for the construction game round up! We sure do hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have putting it all together. As always, if you have anything to add or any requests at all just leave us some comments below. We sure do love to hear from you guys so don't be shy!


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