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July 23, 2015, 1:29 pm

Max Games have been releasing badass games for some time now and we thought it would be a good time to round up a showcase of their best and most popular releases to date. So, sit back, relax and prepare yourself for a journey through the ultimate Max Games titles and all they have to offer! 


#1 Age of War 2

Become a warrior that transcends the ages and fights using different technologies starting from the Stone Age all the way to futuristic robots with lasers! Begin your war fighting with rocks, clubs and braun before soon evolving to discover new ways of waging war with awesome and advanced weapons! Wipe out your enemies to be victorious and prosper!


#2 Siegius

Be the commander of the Roman Empire! As the mighty Caesar you must command your troops in battle by deploying them strategically to confront and destroy the enemy, wherever they may be! Assess the threat and then choose which soldiers to send out onto the battlefield that can take on and eliminate the opposing forces! 


#3 Age Of War

Begin your war in the age of stone and keep fighting and evolving tactics and weapons until you are equipped with badass robots shooting powerful lasers! Fight well and evolve quickly to wipe the floor with the inferior enemy and conquer the known world! 


#4 Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law

Andy Law is back and he still has no clothes! Despite his lack of attire you must streak through the amazing levels, blasting any and all resistance to pieces using the abundant and awesome weapons! Save your cool friends and then head out onto an adventure of epic proportions to save the world from the evil forces and restore a totally rude balance to the world!


#5 Unreal Flash 3

Build the ultimate team of Flash Warriors and take them into the awesome arena to fight other crazy opponents to the death! Use your skill and cunning to collect awesome weapons and blast the living hell out of all your opponents before they kill you! The arenas have different tricks to use to your advantage so be aware of your surroundings and, above all else, keep firing!


#6 Learn to Fly

After researching about himself using the internet, your Emperor Penguin dude decides to prove he is not flightless by testing his ability to glide through the skies smoothly and travel huge distances! Get the penguin sliding down the huge slope and off the ramp at high speeds to cover as much distance as you possibly can! After each flight upgrade your gear to help you go faster and further next time!


#7 Armed With Wings 3

Help in the greatest battle of good versus evil the world has ever known! After 2 gods fight to the death, you must head out on an epic journey to restore balance to the land by training your warrior and fighting anyone who opposes you! Run through the levels, fighting and killing the evil baddies and helping the villagers to lift the curse that has befallen their land.


# 8 Mad Arrow

In ancient Rome the archer was a key soldier in any battle and you must learn them to prosper in this epic fight to save the ancient city from the attacking hordes! Select your troops and deploy them strategically throughout the levels to stop and destroy all of the attacking soldiers. Defend Rome at all costs by wiping out its enemies before they steal her booty ;)


#9 Crash Test Launcher

Test the cool dummies by driving a car as fast as possible and crashing it as hard as you can to make the crash test dummy truly fly out of the vehicle and go as far as possible! Test how well the dummy can truly crash by making it fly through the air to collect bonuses and bounce of awesome objects to prolong the flight! After every try you can upgrade your equipment to help the dummy fly harder and faster!


#10 Dummy Never Fails 2

More crash test dummies but this time you have a cannon to truly test them to their limits! Use the cool cannon to fire the dummies around the screen to hit the targets and progress through the next, more tricky level. There are increasingly difficult puzzles to solve with added features like gravity control so give it some thought before you start shooting and you'll do well!


That’s it for the Max Games Roundup today! It’s been swell writing for you guys again and we hope you've enjoyed reading about and playing the awesome games we've been looking at today – we sure have! As always, leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add. Take care and until the next time...


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