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July 30, 2015, 5:40 am

HAG has been running for some time now and we hope you've all enjoyed the classics we have put out there for you all! We would like to thank you all for your allegiance over the years - it's been a blast! To show our appreciation, we thought it would be nice to round up 10 of the all-time greatest and most popular HAG games to date and put them into a handy dandy list for you all. So sit back, grab a drink and let's get going!


#1 Pokemon Tower Defense

Starting strong, we will kick off with the absolute all-time most popular HAG game, with well over 17 million plays! Pokémon fans are very territorial and loyal to their awesome cause and this could be one of the reasons this game is so popular among its amazing fans! Create strong defences using the Pokémon as the towers of defence to force the invaders along a set path and defend your lands fiercely and make good prevail!


#2 Commando 2

Second in line for the crown of awesomeness is Commando 2. With around 6 and a half million plays you guys have shot this game into popularity beyond most others! In this classic, you goal is to arm up your elite commando soldier and fight your way through a hostile jungle, using truly badass weapons to take down a variety of incredible and tough warriors! Keep fighting and shooting to win!


#3 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

In this true classic, you must help your cool character through the strange and new lands by creating a fantastic team of cool Pokémon and doing battle with any bad Pokémon that you meet along the way! Defeat them all and you will have brought peace back to these lands. Listen to Professor Oak's advice and strategically deploy your Pokémon into battle to create a strong defence and wipe out your enemies!


#4 Plazma Burst 2

With over 6 million plays, Plazma Burst 2 has been cemented into the HAG hall of fame! This fast-paced classic requires quick thinking and even quicker acting to wipe out enemies and become the champion! With either online multi play or story mode you need to survive the onslaught of attacks that seem relentless at times, but hell-a-good fun! Cut, slice and blast your way through all the attackers to become the best warrior in the galaxy!


#5 Swords and Sandals 2

Start by creating your fierce gladiator, make him look angry and strong, then head out into the arena to do battle with other fighters and battle them to the death on the sands of the ancient arena. This is a turn-based game where you must take turns to attack and outmaneuver opponents to become the number one gladiator in the empire!


#6 Age of War 2

If war is your thing then this has to be the game for you! You and your foes start in the Stone Age and must start by using primitive tools to war wage against each other! Once your earned enough points you can upgrade your war machine and evolve into a new and more powerful era - eventually fighting a war with robots and frickin' lasers! Work through the ages of war deploying troops strategically to wipe out your enemies before they even have the chance to evolve!


#7 Monsters Den Chronicles

Start this epic game by selecting your team of true warriors that reflect your fighting style and will help you destroy your enemies, no matter what form they take! Once your warriors are set, take them on an amazing journey to do battle against the Cult of the Outward Path by exploring lands, confronting bands of warriors and taking turns to fight and kill them all!


#8 Raze 2

During a routine space trip an alien spacecraft comes out of nowhere and head to earth to start a full-blown invasion! After crash landing in a strange world you must find a gun and defend yourself from the bad guys hell-bent on hunting you down and killing you! This is a fast-paced game with non stop action so grab as many guns as you can and keep shooting until you're the only one left standing!


#9 Superfighters

Feeling angry and want to fight something?! This could be the full-on game for you! Jump into the crazy arena full of crazy weapons and amazing objects! Use the weapons and objects to help you fight your opponent to the death! Crash through windows, blow up gas cans and blast the hell out of your crazy opponents before they overpower and kill you!


#10 Weapon

The object of this awesome game is simply, you must defend your troops in the downed chopper at all costs! Arm up and start blasting the hell out the waves of attacking soldiers with any and all means possible! Shoot them, grenade them, call in airstrikes and set up strategic snipers - just make sure you kill them all and save your buddies in the crashed helicopter! Clear the desert and keep killing all the baddies you see until you can't see anymore!


That's it for our awesome roundup of the most popular all-time greats on HAG! We sure hope you enjoyed reading about all the classics- and hopefully playing them too! As always, do leave us some comments below if you have anything at all to add! We sure do love to hear from you guys. 


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