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August 6, 2015, 9:21 am

The jungles of the world are in danger, and we thought it would be good for us to round up 10 of the juiciest jungle games available on the net, and package them in an internet banana leaf to highlight the problem to you guys! This list is anything but dull, however, as we have jungle racing, warfare and much, much more! So, sit back, grab a juicy snack and prepare yourself for some true jungle exploration with awesome guns and cars thrown in to boot! 


#1 City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

Showcase your jungle warfare skills by recruiting an amazing team of fighters and taking them out to do battle against all manner of enemies in the deepest, darkest jungle! Deploy your troops and control each of them individually, to save the civilians and wipe out the enemy resistance while collecting the military stars for promotions! Get some!


#2 Foyle 2: The Jungle

Help the awesome Folye wipe out all of the attacking dinosaurs from his jungle safe house. Kitted up in a futuristic fighting suit and armed to the teeth, take yourself on an epic adventure into the deep jungle where you find hordes of dinosaurs who want to kill and eat you! Your job is to defend yourself and your base from the fast-moving baddies by blasting the hell out of them with gun, bombs and airstrikes! 


#3 Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle Rumble

Choose your amazing character and then take them on an epic battle between good and evil - you're the good guy! Get into the icy jungle arena to fight other awesome characters and wipe the floor with them all to become the champion warrior and save the day! Fight strong and dangerous opponents in small arenas until you have taken them all down and proved yourself to the world!


#4 Gunmaster Jungle Madness

Move through your jungle base quickly to gain the high ground and eliminate all the attacking forces! Find a good spot and defend your cool jungle base from the attacking bad guys at all costs! You must collect the airdropped goodies - from health to cool guns, mow down the jungle commandos, blast the fighter jets out of the sky and defend your base! Don't let s single one of them live and kill them all! 


#5 Adventure Time Jungle

If you are travelling to the jungle remember that there are heaps of bugs and you'll need lots of... bug spray! Take your cool dude on a truly incredible adventure through the dense jungle, using his powerful bug spray to take out any baddies that you encounter - and there're loads! Move through each section of the jungle, clearing it of the nasty bad guys before moving onto the next. Reclaim the jungle and stop the evil doers in their tracks!


#6 City Siege 3: Jungle Siege FUBAR Pack

The awesome City Siege is back but this time with an amazing FUBAR Pack! You still need to recruit and deploy your awesome and powerful little troops into battle, but this times things are more serious and get a lot more crazy! Send your soldiers out individually and control each of them in battle to make your team an unstoppable jungle fighting nightmare for all your nasty enemies! 


#7 Jungle War Driving

Taking the roundup in a slightly different direction now we are going to look at a deep jungle racing games, but fear not, there is still loads of crazy guns and bombs! Wage a jungle war in your amazingly converted truck with weapons and a huge turning blade attached to it! Speed through the jungle and mow down all of the bad guys shooting guns and RPGs before they get a shot off on your vehicle and destroy it! 


#8 Jungle Assassin

Test your stealthy jungle assassin skills by moving through the dense plant to pounce out and cut down the savage inhabitants before they spot you! Working for a colonial power you are paid to be quiet and deadly, so sneak around the levels without being seen and jump out to slash down the savages with your amazing knife! Being stealthy is the key so stay out of sight and be like a jungle ninja! 


#9 Metal Slug Brutal 2

A jungle roundup couldn’t be complete without a Metal Slug game! This series has brought intense war to all areas of the globe but its most at home in the dense jungle! Become the awesome soldier and head into hostile jungles to take out all enemy forces – whether they are savages with axes or crazy troops with powerful guns! Kill them all to survive!


#10 Jungle Mafia

In this new and awesome game you do actually have to work hard to save the jungle from the nasty loggers who are all hell-bent on chopping down every tree! Use you fantastic hunting gun to aim and blast all of the jungle lumberjacks in the least shots possible! Take aim and use the objects and environment around you to help take down all the bad guys with a single shot, if possible!


That’s it for our juicy jungle round up! We sure hope you've all enjoyed checking out and playing the badass games because, as usual, we have! If you have any suggestions for future roundup then don’t hesitate to leave us some comments below, we definitely do love to hear from you guys!


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