10 Drastic Driving Games

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August 21, 2015, 12:20 pm

In honor of the crazy driving the world over, we have put together a superb list of amazing driving games to get your minds racing! Prepare yourselves to be cruising at high speeds, pulling dangerous maneuvers and amazing the onlookers! So, strap in and get ready for the ride of your lifetime! 


#1 City Driver

Arriving in a new town with no money, you gotta find a job and the only thing your really know is driving! After landing at the airport and being taken for a schmuck by a driver you have to steal a bike to make it over to the taxi rank and find a job! Start small by making fares and eventually you'll be running the show! 


#2 Soul Driver

Driving a getaway car it is always important to keep one thing in mind: lose the cops! Race along desert roads at high speeds to evade the cops trying to capture you and take you to jail! Speed along and smash the police cars off the road before they become too much of a problem! If you get lonely just pick up some passengers to help you escape the police! 


#3 Crash Drive 2

Start with a single car available and head out into the crazy-ass worlds to race around, pulling stunts, collecting bonuses and earning maximum money! Once you’ve got a good pile of cash behind you then it’s time to invest in your fleet of awesome vehicles! Collect all 30 of the crazy vehicles and race them over mental terrain to do amazing tricks and wow the crowds! The more you race, the more amazing tracks you can unlock and you’ll soon be racing all over the world!


#4 Prison Bus Driver

Leaving a broken-down police station, speed through a very dodgy Mexican town in an cool prison van to pick up the prisoners and return them to the station without getting blown up! The return journey will be perilous with bandits throwing Molotov cocktails and shooting weapons at you when they try to free the prisoners so drive fast and stop for no one – not even the hookers!  


#5 18 Wheels Driver 3

Hop in you cool and customised 18 wheeler and race across town to perform cool missions, picking up loads and dropping them off within the time limit to earn money, big money! Keep earning and soon you’ll be able to upgrade your awesome rig and easily pick up the chicks! As you progress the jobs get harder and require more skill to pull off, as more trick moves are needed to drop off the loads in the tight spaces.


#6 Long Bus Driver

Test the driving test of a lifetime and drive an awesome bus through the cool town, picking up customers and dropping them off safely! Speed through city streets to make the difficult turns and stop at the designated spots before the time runs out and people don’t pay their fares! Bec careful to avoid crashing too much or you’ll have to return the bus broken and get no money at all so drive safely and you’ll earn big bucks!


#7 Crash Drive 2: Tank Battles

Crash Drive 2 is back, but this time you drive amazingly cool and powerful tanks! Race around the lethal tracks in a badass tank, blasting the other players to pieces and make them fly off the track to certain death below! You must move quickly and keep shooting other or they’ll come round and blast you off the track first! Avoid driving in straight lines and generally make yourself a hard to hit target and you’ll do well!


#8 Demolition Driver

In this awesome stunt car demolition you get to control the stetting of almost everything! Start by assessing the stack of cars you must hit then move back to adjust the ramp to the angle that suits your needs before choosing the desired revs that you’d like to race down the track, off the ramp and into the cars with! The objective is simple: Bring the stack of cars down at all costs! Happy car hunting!


#9 Orb Driver

Use your superior racing skills to race through the city streets at super high speeds to collect all of the orbs, amaze the crowds and get the hot chick! Start off by completing the training and then hit the busy city proper to really test your cool driving skills! Prove yourself to be the best driver the world has ever seen by collecting all the orbs in the fastest time possible – the best drivers always drive into the sunset with the beautiful ladies so keep winning and you’ll be that lucky guy.


#10 Dusk Drive

Race at crazy speeds through the dusk and off into the sunset! Hop in your awesome super car and race competitions along busy roads, dodging and outdriving anyone who comes into your path. Keep speeding to beat the other drivers and eventually you’ll be crowned king of the road! Put the pedal to the metal and just don’t stop until you’ve beat them all and can cruise off into the sunset victorious.


That's all we have time for time to pay the fare! Seriously, it's been a speeding good time writing the list for you guys again today! If you have any suggestions, anything to add or simply disagree with something, please leave us some comments below! We sure do love hearing from you guys.


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