10 Best Anime Adaptations In Gaming

10 Best Anime Adaptations In Gaming


Both Pokemon, as well as Dragon Ball Z, happens to be immensely popular anime series out there, and their popularity has reached to such astounding heights that they are an integral part of the general media at present. Even those who don’t have much idea regarding anime are aware of them as well. It is possible for an anime series to get into other types of media on a regular basis, and on most occasions, this is feasible by means of the video games out there. The stories which are responsible for constituting the plots of these types of anime series are appropriate for games and have the ability to attract the anime series fans as well as the gaming buffs that are of the notion that its premise is quite intriguing. In the following paragraphs, we have thrown light on the 10 most well-known Anime Adaptation in Gaming, Ranked.

10. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist Of The Roses

The identical storyline is going to be followed by the majority of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Games at present. There is going to be a competition where the gamers are going to construct decks and also utilize them for fighting against the rivals with the intention of becoming the premier duelist out there. And there is nothing going to be incorrect regarding that and it is the intensity of the battles within the anime that are accountable for making the series so well-known at present; however, a completely different twist is provided to the card fighting series by the Duelist of the Roses.


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This game is actually based off the War of the Roses in real life to some extent.

The characters which are available with the series are going to play the roles of various historical personalities out there, and the gamers are going to combat with and also against them in the role of the “Rose Duelist”.


9. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

In spite of the fact that some people might be of the notion that the Dynasty Warriors and the Gundam sequence happens to be an unusual combo, it will deliver the goods considering the fact that Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is actually the 4th game in this Dynasty Warrior and the Gundam sequence. Various types of mobile suits are going to be offered by Gundam Reborn along with their pilots from all parts of the Gundam franchise (G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and so forth). Gundam Reborn is going to put all of these in Dynasty Warrior type combats where the Gundams are going to plunder and also massacre lots of rivals and the gamers will be able to personalize all of their weaponry as well as armor. As a matter of fact, Gundam Reborn nevertheless is going to have combats that will be happening in the space!



The launch of the .hack game took place along with the anime while the very first game in the entire series happened to be .hack//INFECTION. It is actually a game which involves a popular online game known as The World, an MMORPG. The participants in this game are going to play the role of the primary character called Kite, while he will be pulled into the mystery which involves an unusual lass whose name was Aura, an object under the name of Twilight Bracelet, plus the unusual occurrences of the gamers who are going to fall into comas. This game is going to play just like an RPG, where Sora will be accumulating the members of the party and also combating against huge monsters along with other foes in battles that are based on turns.


7. Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach is considered to be an anime which will be following around an individual known as Ichigo Kurosaki who is fortunate enough to acquire the powers that belong to a Soul Reaper who happens to be an individual similar to a Grim Reaper and whose task is to safeguard the human beings from the clutch of harmful spirits known as Hollows. And Brave Souls happens to be a mobile game which is considered to be amongst the most well-known Bleach games out there. This particular action mobile game will allow the gamers to build competent teams consisting of characters derived from the anime itself. Every single character is going to have its own unique special moves along with its personal cinematic which is fully-voiced as well. This specific game is going to retell the story from the very beginning and it even can boast of having original stories mentioned in side missions. You will likewise come across an innovative co-op system which will be allowing as many as 4 individuals combating at the same time.


6. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

This particular game is presently becoming immensely popular amongst the new generation thanks to the fact that Cartoon Network is airing the English dub right now. In fact, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is packed with awesome and unique characters along with a storyline which literally stretches throughout generations. Despite the fact that it is quite tough to summarize this particular series, this specific family out there known as the Joestar has the distinction of possessing breathtaking psychic abilities and the members of the household are going to encounter different types of adventurous activities all through their generations.


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All-Star is considered to be a combating game which will be featuring a lot of characters from the whole series. The psychic abilities of the majority of the characters express themselves into beings known as Stands which are used by them for combat.


5. My Hero One's Justice

My Hero Academia is going to follow Izuku Midoriya who has the aspiration of transforming himself into a superhero; however, he does not have his own powers known as Quirks. Incidentally, All Might who happens to be the most popular superhero of Japan is going to scout him and All Might will be sharing his Quirk with Izuku Midoriya. Eventually, he is going to involve Izuku in a school intended for the superheroes who will be undergoing training. The Hero One’s Justice that belongs to me allows the gamers to regulate a lot of characters that have been derived from the anime and also act out a lot of the main scenes belonging to the series or even create their personal battles. It will be feasible for the gamers to play the role of villains or heroes by employing the Quirk of each of the characters for overcoming their rivals.


4. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Naruto, which happens to be a story regarding ninja, follows the principle character known as Naruto all through his adolescent days. Even though you will come across lots of well-known Naruto games at present, the Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 happens to be the most popular of them all. It revolves around the happenings which lead up to the 4th Shinobi World War and will be taking a different course given that the game was launched prior to the conclusion of the arc.


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In spite of the non-canon conclusion, it is definitely amongst the most popular Naruto games ever thanks to its breathtaking graphics, the comeback made by the boss combats, as well as the Ultimate Decision system which allows the gamers to make a choice between a couple of different paths while playing the game.


3. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is going to convey the story of some human beings residing within walled communities with the intention of protecting themselves from the Titans, a type of gigantic creatures resembling the humans. Incidentally, one character named Eren Jaeger will be joining the army and will engage in combat with the purpose of protecting the humans from the Titans and he did this in vengeance since his abode was demolished by them. Moreover, this game is actually a sort of hack and slash based on the initial anime season. It will be feasible for the gamers to unlock an increasing number of characters from the sequence and can nevertheless make use of the innovative 3D maneuvering Equipment that is derived from the anime as a method of getting around in this game!


2. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The overall plot of the game’s story is going to change with every single Digimon series out there; however, the Digimon is going to remain the same. It happens to be the fifth game in the franchise as well as the preliminary console game. Gamers are going to assume the role of a hacker who is not professional by any means and who acquires the ability of scanning, nurturing as well as imparting training to Digimon. There are 3 possible plotlines in the entire game, and the gamers will be able to explore the Real World as well as the Digital World while they make an effort to resolve the case of a team of hackers that cause problems to both of these worlds.


1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

This one is actually a well-known 2D combat game which has been developed by those that created Guilty Gear as well as BlazBlue. The game appears to be fantastic and is going to provide the gamers with the sensation that they are witnessing real fights being played out in the anime. The story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ is quite intriguing and is also great modification from the rest of the Dragon Ball games out there. It can boast of having an astounding roster of fighters to select from including key characters present in Dragon Ball Super, and it likewise features the majority of the genuine voice actors repeating their roles when it comes to dubbing in English!