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Boogie Down challenges of Fortnite Season X Week 6 publicized

Similar to every single week in Fortnite, the most recent installment of the challenges have been made public quite early. It is the natural propensity of the leakers to post all these challenges before a span of at least 1 day to 7 days in advance of the date of release and thus there will be no secrecy regarding the Week 6 set. However, we are going to take a look at the challenges of the Week 6 on today itself which is referred to as “Boogie Down”, and we will also be mentioning how to accomplish them.
In case you would like to receive any assistance with the Week 5 challenges of yours, make it a point to click for our comprehensive guide which we have mentioned the previous week. Bear in mind that it will not be possible for you to continue searching for the Battle Stars on a weekly basis unless and until you complete every single challenge for that specific week.

The challenges of Fortnite Week 6

As a matter of fact, the format is going to remain comparatively almost identical for Epic Games for this particular week as well. You’ll come across a couple of sections including a Battle Pass section as well as a Free section while each one of them will bring as many as 7 different types of challenges thus making a total of 14 challenges in total. In case you happen to be a Battle Pass holder, it will be possible for you to accomplish all the 14 challenges mentioned earlier. However, you will be restricted to only the Free section in case you did not purchase the pass whatsoever.

Below we have presented all the 14 challenges for the Week 6 set of the Fortnite Boogie Down.

Free challenges

• Strike a rival using a boogie bomb (0/2)

• Dance before the statue of a bat, a seat meant for the giants as well as a way-aboveground pool

• Travel for a distance of 100 meters while you are dancing

• Make an elimination with the help of an assault rifle, an SMG, and a shotgun (0/3)

• Pay a visit to a large piano

• Demolish the No Dancing indicators (0/3)

• Dance in various matches within a B.R.U.T.E. (0/3)

Battle Pass challenges

• Cause damage to any rival who has been affected by any boogie bomb (0/2)

• Perform dancing in front of a way-aboveground pool, a seat intended for the Giants, and the statue of the bat in one single match

• Accomplish an elimination with the help of a sniper rifle, a pistol, in addition to an explosive weaponry (0/3)

• Perform dancing with other individuals for elevating the disco ball at a particular icy hanger of an airplane

• Perform dancing following the opening of a supply drop in various matches

• Perform dancing at a dance club at the back of the DJ Booth along with the DJ YOND3R getup

• Play the sheet music at any large-sized Piano

As usual, both of these challenges mentioned earlier namely the Free as well as the Battle Pass challenges are going to match up with one another on most occasions. Despite the fact that you will come across some varying discriminations, most of these challenges mentioned earlier on these 2 listings are to coincide with each other. For instance, you might also receive some help for accomplishing the Battle Pass challenge which happens to be “Play the sheet music at an oversized Piano” simply by means of paying a visit to the large-sized piano which is actually intended for the Free challenge. If you are looking for more information on eSports Tournaments then check some of the esports sites on the internet for details of upcoming esports events and tournaments.

Because of the fact that the title for this particular set happens to be Boogie Down, you’ll come across a lot of dancing which is all going to be performed this very week. Nevertheless, all of them are more or less quite simple and except for a few, none of these will be demanding much special attention whatsoever. Even if you happen to play for a significant span of time, you won’t be having any problems with these types of challenges.

Make it a point to check back once again tomorrow for any more guidelines on the most effective ways of accomplishing all of these intriguing and yet simple challenges for the Week 6!

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