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Latest On DICE Canceling Battlefield Versus Planned 5v5

If you are a fan of Battlefield, then it is quite natural that you might be on the lookout for the latest version Battlefield. However, there is not much of good news for fans of Battlefield. Many of them would have waited with lot of expectations for Battlefield V. However, the bad news is that Battlefield V will not now be released a 5v5 multiplayer mode as it was originally planned. Fans are now left wondering the reasons as to why this decision has been taken. While there could be quite a bit of disappointment surrounding this announcement, the reasons for the same needs to be understood. It is obvious that this decision has been taken after carefully weighing the various options and therefore it would not be right to pass a kneejerk reaction.

Improving Quality Of Experience

The focus perhaps was improving the overall quality of player experience. Further, there are also reports that the reason for this sudden change could perhaps have more positives in mind. There could be a plan for adding more contents that are meaningful and have some relevance. These two factors could be the main reason for McArthur to have made this announcement. Further, he feels that the team should focus more on the multiplayer modes. This is because the players who have had a chance to see this are all in praise of the multiplayer mode. This mode was perhaps to be designed taking a cue from the incursions of Battlefield 1. However, at that point in time, it did not go well with the player base. But now there is a general feeling that adding multiplayer option would certainly make a big difference to say the least.

Some Information About 4.4 Update

The statement of McArthur also talks about 4.4 update. This again is quite interesting because it has quite a few interesting points about it. These include the much talked about Lofoten and Provence Island Maps. This is basically about the famous Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Further, there was also mention about the 4.6 update that happened in September. This had to do with the Underground map (Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Squad Conquest and Breakthrough). There are also other such improvement and thoughts that have been planned. These are still in the drawing board stage but it is quite obvious that they will have future plans in mind.

The 4.4 update is also focused on various stuttering issues. Further, many players have also complained about desyncs seen on hit boxes Further it also is believed that there could be some much needed and talked about changes to the Commorose. These updates, it is believed will go a long way in increasing the overall stability of the. Further it will also lessen the UI communication damages that have been reported quite often. The updates will also come with two new infantry maps and it will also have an increase in the max Rank. It will help players to go beyond Rank 500.

Provence And Lofoten Islands

There also have been some changes in the Provence and Lofoten islands. These have been specifically designed for fans who believe in tactical and tighter combat. The changes in these will have some positive impact. It will help in giving a new look to the battlefield. These are basically in France and will deploy the fighters into the war zone lying across two famous Norwegian Islands. When you have the infantry-only design it means that the players will have many new flanking opportunities. However, with the new updates you have to be aware of the chokepoints and ambushes.


Finally, we need to bear in mind that these maps will come in the 4.4 update. To begin with, it will have two features, Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch. There is quite a bit of activity and excitement that is going to happen in Cologne. This is where the members of the press, battlefield streamers and content creators will be joining the think tanks in Cologne in Germany. It will help the players and supporters to have a firsthand look as far as these maps are concerned. The content will go live in the same week when you can have a few things cleared up and left beyond doubt.

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