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Schedule of Fortnite Champion Series Finals and can you watch it

This weekend, the Fortnite Champion Series will come to an end with the Season Finals. The leading trios on the planet will be vying for the first spot plus lots of prize money from 20th September (Friday) to 22nd September (Sunday). Each of the regions will be running separately. Teams have fought against one another for qualifying for the Champion Series Finals during the previous 5 weeks. Right now, trios will be playing a couple of rounds of tournaments during the weekend.

Initially, the teams will be split up into Heats. Following this, the trios occupying the top position from each of the Heats will advance to compete in the Grand Finals to be held on Sunday. Just 6 games will be played in the Heats plus the Grand Finals. As a matter of fact, prize money in excess of 10 million dollars has been put up by Epic games between the 7 regions.


How can you watch the Finals of the Fortnite Champion Series?

It will be feasible to watch the Finals of the Fortnite Champion Series in 3 different ways. First, games will be cast live by the official channel of Fortnite on their personal site, Twitch, and YouTube. As per the earlier events, casters will be brought on by the channels for breaking down the action in real-time. Typically, the most recent plus best standings are provided by the official channel.

Second, the players will also be able to broadcast their personal point of view. The action will be streamed live by lots of participants on the platform preferred by them. All these streams are typically the most viewer-friendly alternative given that you will be able to hear plus visualize everything from the perspective of the player. However, competitions are not streamed live by most of the players, and therefore, there will be restrictions when it comes to the viewers’ options. Moreover, the competitions will be streamed by the majority of the players with a slight delay. You would like to verify whether the event is being streamed live by your preferred player.

Lastly, the point of view of every single player can be observed by the viewers while playing the Fortnite game. The fans will be allowed by the in-game choices to select their preferred players plus they will be able to load up the games with some sort of delay. The viewers will be provided the identical tools which you will usually come across in the repay mode. Although this option does not come with players’ communications or casters, it provides enhanced flexibility in the long run. Go to the “Compete” tab if you like to watch in-game. Following this, select a team after clicking on “Session Leaderboard”. Fine-tune the area after going to settings so as to change areas.


Schedule for the Fortnite Champion Series

The action will be kicking off on the 20th of September (which is a Friday) with the Middle East area. Following this, the game is going to continue all through the weekend. At length, the Fortnite Champion Series lasting the entire weekend is going to come to an end with the NAW region Grand Finals. Matches will go on every half-an-hour in every single region and will include as many as 6 matches in total. The trios who will be finishing in the top 8 positions from each of the Heats will go to the Grand Finals. The ultimate placements will be ascertained by the Grand Finals. In fact, the identical format will be followed in both the Heats and the Grand Finals and this will consist of 6 matches running every half-an-hour during the area’s respective time.


Fortnite Champion Series concludes

This weekend will witness the conclusion of the FNCS for Season X. The players had to fight for 5 weeks for qualifying for the Season Finals. One will be able to witness the best trios play ever at the conclusion of the competition. After practicing for several months, the time is now ripe for them to put up their best performance.

Who you think will emerge victorious in the FNCS? Who you think is the underdog? Please comment your ideas below! Go on listening to Daily Esports which will cover the entire Fortnite Champion Series, plus follow @somebodysgun on Twitter so as to receive live updates during the weekend.

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