Some Fascinating Updates On Fortnite 2019

Some Fascinating Updates On Fortnite 2019


There is no doubt that those who love online and other digital forms of games, would most certainly be expecting for this good news. The much-awaited and much-talked about Epic Games tournament for Fortnite has kicked off on July 27, 2019. This is basically a three day even and it will be exciting in more ways than one. While on the one side you can expect some of the best gaming talents on display, on the other hand there certainly is big money up for grabs. The prize money is a whopping $30 million and this certainly is going to be one of the most attractive features as far as this tournament is concerned. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the tournament will see the participation of some of the biggest names and some of the finest talents will also be on display. Additionally, the game certainly has now become a cultural phenomenon. This could have its own ripple effects and Epic could be having plant for appearances from celebrity guest and there also could be other surprises in store for the fans and others who show interest towards Fortnite 2019.


It Will Be Held At Arthur Ashe Stadium

There is one good thing about this event. The upcoming Epic, Fortnite 2019 will be held at the famous Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. The prelude to the tournament is all ready to start and it will begin with an opening ceremony. The ceremony will be held at 12.30 PM ET. This will be followed by the Creative Finals at around 1.00 PM. The Pro-Am Celebrity will commence at around 4 PM. The showcase event will also have some well known celebrities and some professionals players will also be competing for the prize pool money of around $3 million. This money will be donated to charity.


The Competitive Tournament

After the completion of the inauguration and other events, the actual tournament will start on July 27, 2019. The inauguration will certainly be a big event and what has been mentioned above is only a small part. There are quite a few things that have been lined up and only those who are a part of it will be able to enjoy and savor it to the fullest extent.

As far as the competitive tournament is concerned, it will start with the Duos Finals. There will be a pre-show and that is scheduled to begin at around 12.30 PM ET. This will be followed by the actual competition. The actual competition will start at 1 PM ET. The competition will for sure be an exciting and power packed event. There will be a total of around 50 duos teams and they will be fighting tooth and nail for the Fortnite dominance. This will see some of the best games being played and those who understand the game will certainly be in the know as to what they are going to enjoy and what the feast that is awaiting them.

This is not all. Then we have the wonderful Sunday schedule and this will see a repetition of the Solos tournaments and it will be played amongst the selected 100 players. These will be cream of the entire Epic Fortnite Tournament as far as the year 2019 is concerned. Both Saturday and Sundays will see the winners being crowned. This will be done in a grand ceremony at 4.45 PM. This again will be a gala event and you can expect quite a bit of excitement and fireworks during these two ceremonies. Yes, it is going to be a tough and highly competitive contest because of the big money that is at stake.


The Final Word

In fine, please ensure that you are on time and hope the booking of tickets for the event has been completed. There is no doubt that there will be a huge demand for tickets and those who have delayed getting the tickets might be in for some big disappointment. There are experts who are of the opinion that this tournament will be a trendsetter and it will probably set some of the finest benchmarks as far as tournaments for the other future tournaments are concerned. The Fortnite tournament, given the huge fan-following might also be held at other venues and over the next few years there could be more than one such even being held not only in this country but also across many other countries of the world.