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Tomato Town, Greasy Grove, and Many More to Make a Comeback to Fortnite

Recently there has been an assertion that Tomato Town, Greasy Grove, and many more might make a comeback to Fortnite once again. We will try to provide you with a comprehensive report on the statement that has been made by us right now.

It is possible for the time travel theme of Season X to bring back a listing of named sites to Fortnite Island which includes the likes of Greasy Grove as well as Tomato Town.

In case you are having the intention of informing somebody who is absolutely new to Fortnite regarding the fact that we have been landing on the identical map over and over again and repeating the very same thing for the last couple of years, they might be of the notion that you are eccentric. Even though that is exactly what is being showcased by the game’s premise, it is actually a lot more as compared to that. In case you happen to compare the Fortnite map that we compete on right now with the original one, it will be very difficult for you to identify it.

At a specific time in the past, different areas of the island were not covered in sand and snow, there was no volcano in any part of the island, and the Tilted Towers which is everybody’s favorite had not vanished off the earth’s face. It is a fact that there is a continuous modification in this particular map, and this is actually amongst the many intriguing things which help to keep the gamers interested as well as motivated and they keep on coming back for even more.

It appears to all of us that there is a possibility for Season X to bring many more modifications along with it as compared to any other season prior to it. As a matter of fact, time travel is amongst the themes of the season this time. In fact, the return of Dusty Depot has already showcased this successfully. Interestingly, Dusty Depot was transformed into Dusty Divot in the past thanks to a strike caused by a meteor. A bit of data mining done by HYPEX has helped to reveal the fact that there is a huge possibility for many more named sites from the past history of Fortnite to make a comeback once again this very season.

Innovative challenge was appended in season 10 which was known as

"Quest_BR_SprayVehicles_DifferentLocation" According to me, it is actually a placeholder, and every single POI where you require to spray is present in it, IMAGINE WHAT, me and @xkleinmikex were responsible for discovering these!!! (Likewise tomato town as well as flush factory) 

– HYPEX – Fortnite News and Leaks (@HYPEX) 6th August 2019

A battle pass challenge has been revealed by the data mining which is going to be rolled out at some point of time later on this very season in which all the gaming buffs across the planet will be requested to do the job of spraying trucks as well as vehicles at specific points of interest. This challenge has got a specific code and it indicates that a minimum of as many as 6 locations from the past history of Fortnite is going to be mentioned according to name. These happen to be Greasy Grove, Tomato Town, Risky Reels, Anarchy Acres, Flush Factory, not to mention Moisty Mire as well.

At the present moment, it is not yet clear to all of us why all these locations have been mentioned according to name in that particular code for this specific challenge. It is going to request the players to perform the task of spraying the vehicles as well as trucks virtually anywhere, and it is not limited to only those 6 locations mentioned out there. There is a huge possibility that we are going to end up losing some of these sites as soon as all these locations from the past make a comeback as well. There is no denying the fact that there is no adequate space on the map for every single of them, and a lot of these locations from the present as well as previous times are going to overlap in case they do happen to exist at that identical time.


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